It Is Time To Stir Up Lots and Lots Of Energy!

22JUL14-[five-thirty-five a. m.]  It is time to stir up lots and lots of energy with all the transitional thoughts and visions.  We are going into the caves we all fear to enter.  We are ready to step up to the plate and ramp it up__double up, with all the transitional thoughts and visions, we know we want to go into those caves.  Regardless of the outcome, we are keeping the ghosts going and keeping the antagonists and protagonists alive.  The Prince and I both know which Lads shall arrive.  It is all about the Fight-Dances, regardless of being misunderstood__in the hot seat__under fire.  We still choose to be naughty but nice.

While Prince Nehemiah is preparing for his fight with Tobias, I am preparing for mine with Levi, the beautiful ebony Lad who transforms into Napoleon and faces more than one opponent__try three__all portrayed by me__Gregory.  While Prince Nehemiah is preparing for his fight with Tobias__the first crack at Topbia__he is comopleting his last viable visions for twenty-thirty-four.



The Rad/Mr. Incognito Fight-Dance

Mr. Incognito

Whoa!  It’s Rad  Two years ago, he sees me coming down the sidewalk, and he makes a point of crossing the street so we couldn’t meet.


This morning, I see you coming and I don’t cross to the other side.

Mr. Incognitopi15



Because now I’m ready for you.  It’s time you had me had it out.  Without your shades.

Mr. Incognito

But you couldn’t hit a man with glasses.


Indeed I would.  So you might as well ditch them so you won’t get plastic in your eyes.  And I’m gonna be wearin’ that tie, just before my final knock-out punch.  It’s time you kissed my fist.

Mr. Incognito

Before the final knockout punch.  You’re going to be wearin’ my tie?  You’ve gotta work for that trophy tie!


Yeah, I know better.  And the next time you see me you better be ready.

Mr. Incognito

Ready for what?


Ready not to hit a man with glasses.

Mr. Incognito

So, how does it feel to play for a living for a change?  Yeah.  Nehemiah is right.  It is time for our fight-dance.


I know I would see you again!  This is no accident.  I’ve always been hung over you.

Mr. Incognito

Stuck on you.  Your apparition has always been clear to me.  I am the ghost.  You already look like  you’re wearing my tie.  I am the ghost.


I can fight-dance you in three minutes and nine seconds__before I knock you out.  Wham ya and Slam ya and knock you out.

Mr. Incognito

Put my lights out.


Sumthin’ like ‘dat.  I’m exploring the landscape of the ManScape.  On the 27th of July, you’re gonna see me.

Mr. Incognito

And we’re gonna fight-dance.  Two fresh faces.


In to fresh places.  Two-grand in hand for each of us.  We’re gonna fight-dance at the Ascencia Coliseum, July 27th twenty-thirty-four.

And where the hell are our white denims?  Rema and Dustin are in the workshop practicing their own fight-dance when the Prince tells them to quite practicing and get the white denims in here in five minutes.  They oblige.  Now who exactly is going to wear them?

27JUN14: [six-forty-four p.m.]  There is no beginning.  There is no end.  It’s like a water faucet flowing with creative stories and verses.  I, TC, am now Gregory.  However__

[I intend to have you read this introduction first.]

Here I am all about pitching__with intelligent advertising__my stuff.  [my books, blogs, and videos.]


This journey goes through the MagicLand of Picasa, a land of demonic dreams. Will you be ready when I pull your name out of a hat? Will you be ready for me to bless you long after I die in relative obscurity? The world rewards artistic achievement with indifference, if not ridicule,. . .no amount of success can stave off sickness or death. [1] Will you not realize that I was always more than willing to withstand ridicule? Will you discover that there was never a time, never a moment I did not realize that it was the artist’s fate always to be sacrificed to the spirit of the age? [2]

Matthew Arnold, in his Essays in Criticism, says, “There is more power and beauty in the well-kept secret of one’s self and one’s thoughts, than in a display of a whole heaven that one may have inside one.” [3] Will you not realize that I was always more than willing to withstand being on display?

I am inviting students from the University of Diversity to take my intellectual property and create magical performances and portrayals every day. After all, every day in Independence Day. The mechanism begins when you are willing to play for a living, willing to portray Tobias, Napoleon, and the Radical Pirate on Saturday morning field trips to the library. And remember, in Ascencia, every day is Saturday. Every day Phoenix and the Prince have their victorious Supra-Heroic day against Mr. Incognito and Night-Hawk.

The mechanism begins with two or three minute fight-dances, punch drills that end with the Supra-Hero flexing as he watches the Villain falling. While we have been busting our butts searching for Levi Hamil, he has always been here, with his smile keeping us smiling.B&W_14

Apple Sauce

One day I will have wheels again, and I will have to widen my territory again. I will move again. Are we going on that trip together, Ca-Zac? Are you the Emo-Lad that I am looking for? Are you going to be willing and able to get to know the world I choose to know? Are you not the kid with the painted-on cat whiskers whose face beams at me in front of the library? Just wait until I see you again! You know my eyes will dart straight for those legs of yours, wondering if in this fight-dance, you finish me off with your fist or your inner-thigh slap. I have always known you were out there somewhere.

And who is the August Adonis with the Double Diamond roughness in his voice I shall meet just in time for the Fight-Dance Competition at the Ascencia Coliseum on the thirty-first? The sooner we meet again, the more time we have to put it all together. I know you are out there somewhere. You are no longer a moon-beam__you are now moon-glow. Come and let me show__not tell__you how in the Green Room before every performance the magic truly begins to happen.


[1]  Robertson-Lorant, Laurie.  Melville:  A Biography.  Clarkson N. Potter/Publishers, New York, NY, 1996, p. 437

[2] Ibid,  p. 162.

[3] Ibid, p. 526




We are trying to maintain the concept of keeping things simple. “These are your written letters now,” says the Prince. ‘It ain’t about the numbers anymore. Now let’s cut off the tip of his scalp and leave the hair-style up to everyone’s imagination. Who do you see Alphonso McAuley playing?”

“The Radical Pirate.”08JAN33

“You are the ultimate Soul-Mate,” says Nehemiah, “and I agree with Rad.”

“And you see him as. . .”

“Good and evil,” he answers without hesitation. “Supra-Hero and Villain. Sit down. I’m gonna cut your hair for you. After he does that, I get to shave his legs in return.

The Radical Pirate, with the help of Rema lives to wear the Retro-Gym style. Henrietta Heron writes n her column:

Is Gregory Gregarious constantly mistaking everybody he sees for Prince Nehemiah? [And, in an instant, the Radical Pirate changes his gear and his multifaceted face.] Who is this Soul-Mate he calls “Prince Nehemiah?” Radical Pirate? G-Ray?__he’s got this obsession with Gene Anthony Ray. Is he the one shaving their chests and legs? And just how old is he anyway? Is his Soul-Mate the Desk-top Icon of his fantasies and dreams? [I am glad she writes this because I have always wondered who is the Soul-Mate and the Desk-Top Icon of my fantasies and dreams.] Who is willing to step up and become the Soul-Mate of Greg-Greg’s dreams and fantasies? 06DEC19

Are you willing, able, and ready to electrify yourself? Are you ready to be sculpted totally smooth and naked, to the point where I can lick and moisten every ripple of your six-pack abs and every inch of your smooth inner thighs? Are you ready to skice me with your third fist? Are you ready to get down and dirty and become one of my Lads; even though I do not always tell you exactly where I am going, will you always know where I am, whether I have hoofed it back to Sporaticus because I have forgotten what I had done with the Gargoyle sculpture? Are you ready to take this evolutionary journey with me?




I’ve been reflecting recently on why I don’t have any followers. A lot of people who have written less than I have, have all kinds of followers. I decided the other day that it is because the other people were trying to bring people to them while I’ve been trying to bring people to themselves. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is time for the evolution of Facebook. Not the revolution__that word has been over-used throughout history. No, this is the evolution of my Facebook page as I transform from TC Newell into Gregory Gregarious. I am evolving from TC Newell into Gregory Gregarious. When was the last time you were hugged and kissed? That long ago? Well__here I am.

Nobody may never even notice the beginning of this evolution__at least not now. Maybe not until one hundred and fifty years from now. And I would be in good company with writers who had to hold a

J-O-B because they never made enough money with their writing. Yet Whitman and Melville made more than me with their writing. So now begins the evolution of myself becoming the biographer, the writer, the photo-journalist, the collage creator, and the video-maker. Spoken through the words and seen through the eyes of Gregory Gregarious.

“Give me one paragraph written by TC and I will perform it!,” I proclaim. “Guarantee!” I shall create with my Soul-Mate the viable visions and videos that end up on FB. And when “FB” is written or spoken by Gregory, the community knows he is talking about Facebook. And Prince Nehemiah and I are both living to create collages with images of Alphonso McAuley and me.

“TC!?__Gregory!?,” shouts Henrietta Heron in her column.

My Prince is telling me now, by whispering my my ear, “We’ve reached the evolutionary plane where we no longer number or label our collages.”

“I think you are right,” I proclaim.

“Stop counting how many collages of Alphonso and you we’re making,” says Nehemiah because that is what Soul-Mates do. He stands over my shoulder and whispers again, “Just go with the creative energy flow.”

And I turn to him, look him eye to eye, and say, “When we are floating along the Sea of Cornucopia in our house-boat.”

“Creative Energy Flow,” he finishes my thought aloud, as all Soul-Mates do.

New Visions Vision Wall-[3]

The Lower-Left Quadrant: The Prince reminds me that it is this photo of Dustin that began this all for me. Since seeing this photo of Dustin dressed as Aqua-Lad, I have been thinking a lot about him. It is time for him to show off those legs. Have you ever? Is the unspoken question in the collage honoring the legs of Gene Anthony Ray. Oh yes! The Prince and Tobias are going to have it out and go toe-to-toe. Tobias is muscular and cocky. He dares to take Prince Nehemiah on wearing pink boxing gloves.

“Cute joke,” Nehemiah tells Tobias. And just before punching him, Nehemiah says, “But you can kiss my fist!”

Rad comes in the room wearing retro-red soccer gear. His legs are the biggest we have ever seen them! He has come a long way from Sporaticus!97417488_6

In the Lower-Right Quadrant, Nehemiah shows me how much he appreciates me shaving his legs. Rad tries on short basketball shorts. Rema got it just right. Red and white for Rad. Okay, so we are at the Mid-Term Turning Point. Emo-Lad gives Apolo his A.R.C. His admiration. His respect. His consultation.

Ellipsis? Or the period at the end of the paragraph? The beginning and ending paragraph?

The Ellipsis.

New Visions Vision Wall-[2]

Ca-Zac! is playing the Batman theme on his guitar while Tuffenuf’s bicep and fist skices me. He has got Boo again with some double ka-pow theme__again with me getting skiced. Ca-Zac! is taking a closer look at wearing short soccer shorts and calve-high tubes. The Prince has Dustin’s vanilla cream muscular legs, wearing Robin-like Daisy-Dukes and NY Jets calve-covers.

My Prince is always reminding me of our thinking and growing rich together. He takes a snap shot of me holding up Napoleon Hill’s book. The off-the-beaten path railroad tracks will always be our center-point.97417488_0

The Upper-Right Quadrant reveals Dustin as the most visually appealing Robin who can also be the most visually appealing Tuffenuf. The Prince is always teasing me with his own leg shots. There is Boo again with yet another double kapow!, and probably the best punch-pose for Boo! Nehemiah was sure he would include me, along with the House of Mirrors relationship between Rema, Cyrissa, and Night-Hawk. That lil’ fella, our marvelous costume designer, Rema, is going to play Levi Hamil, Cyrissa’s big brother. Where the hell is Levi anyway? Rema is going to fill in for him.

New Visions Vision Wall

The Prince’s New Visions Vision Wall project I find very helpful in my writing and in coming up with ideas__and he is only half-way done. He has got this Asian Wonder-Lad mounted on the wall twice. One vision, he is punching me in a fight-dance__looking just the way he should. Another vision, he has just the Lad’s fist captured__skicing me__with Ca-Zac! strumming the Batman theme. “Can I play with these two visions?,” I ask the Prince.97417488_1

“Sure. Show me what you can do.”

“No it is what they can do!” [They will show us what they can do.]

“Cool, I’m working on more visions for Ca-Zac! and me.”

Meanwhile, the Prince knows that ninety percent of the time I need to see his visions before I transform from a fighter into a writer. He has got twenty-four miraculous collages on his New Visions. I like to see his vision walls take place quadrant by quadrant. In his upper-left quadrant__that is where I am focused. Now, what does he have here? He knows I can never get enough of Boo punching me out in the white wrestling singlet we got him. Boo has earned my ultimate trophy__the tie around my neck. Boo can pose a punch-pose! He is showing off for us.

self-portrait: nowhere man


Each session is seven days and seven nights, so we are packing our bags and leaving camp on the morning of the eighth day.  Each evening during a session, each of the campers has a chance to demonstrate and illustrate his/her creative process.  This is the highlight of every day at camp.


Gregory Gregarious is the Camp Director and he is the first one to demonstrate his creative process, so he can illustrate to the other campers what he expects out of them.  When Gregarious needs time to plan and create a Thrilling Times issue, then Prince Nehemiah takes over as Camp Director.  The Prince, meanwhile, is occupied with his photo-journalist tasks.  Mario is the musical director while Rad and G-Ray head the Fight-Dance department.  Gregarious pays his staff well.


The staff and the campers form as Master-Mind Group that becomes a Readers Theater Troupe.  They co-create performances, lectures, and Cha-Talk-Wa[s]/  There is no specified number of videos that will be produced during each theater camp session.  There is no limit.  With the use of creative organized planning [C.O.P.], I am cutting the Master-Mind Group down to seven, the Supra-Seven, to take Readers Theater performances from the house-boat studio and the theater camp to the streets in order to perform street theater in Ascencia.  Gregory Gregarious’ scripts are intelligent advertising of my writing.


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