And Now, For This Transitional Thought

Then when I began reading silently, I was mesmerized by the power of Jarrod’s written narrative.  Sweet Jesus!  Mother of Mary!  If I could write narrative like that, I may improve as a writer myself!  So, here it is, a “cold jam”__a cold reading of Jarrod’s wonderful narrative voice, with all the mistakes and sentence re-takes.

The author of this cold reading in the video you see is Jarrod Brown.  He approaches me in the locker room and tells me he has heard that I am a writer and that I have published some books.  [Self-published]  He wants to know, “Read this of mine and tell me what you think.”  What an honor I feel!  And, when he brought it to me, I was first astounded by the look of the first paragraph of his manuscript.  It was an ominous-looking, very long paragraph, and I had to look away from the page for a moment.

Here is a transitional thought.  I am going back to 04APR14__eight months ago.  I was reading on my break in the locker room, and I was reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  I am reading Chapter X:  Power of the Master Mind.  Napoleon Hill defines the “Master Mind” as “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” [pp. 168-169]

And now it is time to make a promise upon which I shall deliver.  I have a lot of irons in the fire for Twenty-Fifteen.  One is Gregory Gregarious getting done.  I had hoped to have it ready by the end of this year.  Afer all, I have been working on it for over a year.

Yet that is not going to happen, so  I promise it shall be finished some time in Tewnty-Fifteen.  Gregeory Gregarious shall arrive!  I also have evocative, provocative New Visions and Videos in store for you right from the beginning of the New Year.  So stay tuned to my blogs, YouTube, and Deviantart.

Readers Theater Script: Intelligent Flirtations-[2]


Gregory Gregarious:

Even when they throw in your path so many obstacles to get around. Sandburg says, “You can only do as much as what comes out of your pocket.”

Prince Nehemiah:

Carl’s your kin. The characters you seek come from within. We’ve passed through the generation of Comers-And-Goers and B-S-ophers.

Gregory Gregarious:

We’ve transformed from a generation of talkers and takers to a generation of doers and makers.

Prince Nehemiah:

We’re blessed by the absence of that generation of choking and ego-stroking. When we feel that time is running short with so much left to do, we take a walk down Second Avenue.

Gregory Gregarious:

We expect and accept the miracles on Second Avenue as we endlessly experiment and tinker with our poetic universe.

Prince Nehemiah:

You and I can still hear the sound of the wind-chimes. Still smell the fire, ashes, and smoke from the campfires on the Ascencia beaches at night. Even when we’re not there.

Gregory Gregarious:

We taste the Hershey bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Feel somebody’s knee pressed up against ours. Even when we’re not there.

Prince Nehemiah:

I can still see my Soul-Mate facing me. He’s removed his shades and I can see a thousand truths in his eyes__more than a vision or a dream__I can see in your eyes the reflections of the crystal-clear blue water as we walk together along the beaches on a long endless weekend in Ascencia.

Gregory Gregarious:

Transitional Visions and Thoughts evoke Intelligent Flirtations. Are you looking for Admiration? Respect? Consultation? Are you looking for my attention? Play for it!

When is your birthday? How young shall you be? What is your mailing address? Here, I will give you mine first.

Prince Nehemiah:

I intend to represent Google Picasa.

Gregory Gregarious:

I have already plugged Google Picasa in my Thrilling Times fashion magazine.

Prince Nehemiah:

To me, Google Picasa is MagicLand. And in MagicLand, I can go on a journey and transform from Prince Nehemiah to Dr. Crop. And you will transform from Gregory Gregarious to Mr. Incognito.

Gregory Gregarious:

Yes, sir. Here in MagicLand, we give the bad dawgs the chance to go good, and the good dawgs the chance to go bad__you might even be able to transform into Rad.

Readers Theater Script: Intelligent Flirtations-[1]

Intelligent Flirtations

Gregory Gregarious:

Me & My Prince go into the back room, so that he can change into his Lakers #4 and I can change into Mr. Incognito’s suit, tie, and shades. When we come back into the house-boat studio, everyone in the room watches us in awe as we perform for them. In the time it took for us both to transform and change, we had cooked up this exchange:

YouTube is a viable venue, and I do not give a damn if we do not get one single view.

Prince Nehemiah:

Still our work gets done. Don’t give a damn if it’s not appreciated, not consumed by anyone.

Gregory Gregarious:

It is time to move away from the Kingdom of the Rock. Time to leave the Farm. Time to leave the estate behind. Time to be here in the house-boat studio.

Prince Nehemiah:

And one day we’ll leave Ascencia in our own house-boat, afloat along the Sea of Creativity. From lecture tours to evenings of Readers Theater, picking up performers at every port, without looking back along the way.

Gregory Gregarious:

Picking them up casually, never looking back.pi21

Prince Nehemiah:

Night-Hawk and Henrietta Heron, who can never go back to Sporaticus, evolve from Tobias the Tormentor and Queen Z and impose stress upon themselves. Stress that has nothing to do with you and me.

Gregory Gregarious:

Then there is Rad and Rema, their dynamic duo energy illustrates their quantum-like ability. For one moment in time, they’re back in Sporaticus fighting crime.

Prince Nehemiah:

And yet, they both keep doin’ what they’re doin’ with Tuffenuf at the same time, right here in Ascencia. They’re learning, understanding, and performing the House of Mirrors Effect.

Gregory Gregarious:

I’m no scientist. I’m not a physicist. I’m no doctor or psychologist. If they don’t like the way I’m learning to live, then they can kiss my__

Prince Nehemiah:


Gregory Gregarious:

Think, think, think outside the box. Think about being born too late, born too early__

Prince Nehemiah:

Born on time. Born to be not one character, but many. Poet. Biographer. Essayist.

Gregory Gregarious:

Critic, Historian, Novelist, a Craftsman with prose and verse.

Prince Nehemiah:

Lover of songs, lover of nostalgia. Indefatigable, unstoppable. Born to be someone like me claiming objectivity, believing in the landscape of the man-scape. You trust all of them, even when they let you down.

Henrietta Heron-[1]


ss14Hell, this 8-Ball Chick was a wood-splitter at Mr. Incognito’s Camp Sporaticus!  After three years of writing and research, I have discovered some wonderful things about Henrietta Heron. I have known her all this time, yet I know her in one place at another time. Sporaticus. I know her as Honey Trapp. She knows me as Mr. Incognito.


Whenever I hold a meeting in the conference room, I look around the room and I see Honey Trapp’s face glowing as she is watching and listening to me. I remember one meeting when I was telling everybody:


Do I have to spell everything out to you idiots with no imagination and vision who see only a hunk of energy stone! I am talking about Larry Brite’s sculpture, the Gargoyle.


Honey Trapp says aloud, “The Gargoyle is a Muse of enlightenment.” And I say, “Little puppy puppet tied to my string won’t have the guts to do ya own thing! I pull you over there. I pull you over here. Then she says, “I intend to be the master puppeteer around here.”

That is when I fall in love with Honey Trapp. I look into her eyes and everyone in the room watches me watching her, and I say, “Mean what you say and say what you mean.” But that is in Sporaticus__two different characters with different names in a different place and time.ss13


So now I am put into a position of not letting those who work closely to me get to know too much about me or my history. I, like anybody else, do have a checkered past. Like striking me with her lightning-quick fist, she becomes the only one in the Universe who can map out the negative things in my past. As she skices me with a left upper-cut, she tells me, “If you have a history, you can never be a mystery to me.”


Larry’s Champion


Levi, as Rad, flourishes in Ascencia. He defeats both Owen and Nelson in the King of the Hill contest, the Fight-Dance competition in the Ascencia Coliseum which takes place every year on August Thirty-One. That earns Rad the leadership role on the Beach Patrol. AT10


Nelson stands out in my mind as the only one who truly hates Rad because Rad is not from Ascencia. He is an outsider. He is from Sporaticus. And Rad was not a Fisher-Lad. He had been a Can and Tray Warrior in Sporaticus, not a Fisher-Lad like Nelson who has been in Ascencia his whole life. Nelson really resents Rad. Rad has built up his muscles fighting in the Can and Tray War while Nelson built up his muscles as a Fisher-Lad.


Nelson wants to again challenge Rad in the next Fight-Dance Competition, win, so he gets to be the leader of Beach Patrol finally. He has never had that chance because in years passed Owen kicked his azz in the King of the Hill competition. As leader of Beach Patrol, Nelson then plans to decide who stays on Beach Patrol and who goes. Rad would be the first to go.08JAN20


It is a hard sell for Levi to get the likes of Nelson to allow Larry Brite in Ascencia when, as Mr. Incognito, I had constructed such a harmful corporation like PEZ in a city that had once enjoyed fresh air and clean water. There is no way Nelson would allow me in Ascencia where there is fresh air and clean crystal-clear blue waters.


Levi Transforms Into Rad

Rad is wearing a pair of V-Shapes. “I just always wanted to wear these.”

If you want to be on Beach Patrol with Owen and Nelson,” I say, “you have to shave your legs.”

You don’t say.”04JAN31

You have not noticed they do?”

No,” says Rad. “Why do they shave their legs? To keep them sharp? To make sure they’ve got the right stuff to walk the beaches and along the Avenues amidst hostile stares and snickers and sneers?”

I nod my head yes.

Too much work to shave my legs,” says Rad. “You do it.”

Shave my legs?”

No. Mine,” he says quickly before he changes his mind.

I oblige. After ninety minutes, five razors, and two cans of shaving cream I complete the job. “How is it feeling?”


I get the cold olive oil from the refrigerator. “Apply this to your legs.”

No. You do it.”

I oblige. “Now how does it feel?”

Cool. Smooth,” he answers. “I got leg muscles I didn’t know I had! What do you think?”

Not sure yet. I have got to get used to looking at you.”

Rad puts on his white tube socks and black combat boots. He rolls the tube socks down to the top of his boots, then walks over to the mirror to study his refection for a moment. “Wow!,” he whispers. “It’s like meeting myself for the first time!”

From Tory Into Prince Nehemiah


Everyone around the campfire is spewing sparks out of their mouths, talking about me. Someone, I believe it is Nelson, says about me, “How do you know he won’t turn on you like a pit bull? The man should be in a cage behind bars!”


Then Vincent Hamil, Levi’s brother, says, “Look at the damage he’s done! The lives he’s destroyed!” They are not sure it is safe to bring me here to Ascencia. Only Levi is my champion. “He deserves a chance to prove himself worthy!,” says Levi Hamil. “He’s laready in prison for what he’s done.”


By George, the Lad Levi has got it! He has hit the nail on it! Prince Nehemiah admires Levi from the other side of the campfire as he listens to his speech. He is turning out all the other “noise” by the other Beach-Lads and fixates on Levi. He has learned to effectively tune out the “noise,” and to tune out the likes of Nelson, who is always willing to cause some rift around the campfire. “Levi,” says the Prince, “you know what you’re talking about! And I’ve known Larry Brite longer than you have.”


Then the Prince tells everyone around the campfire that he is the Latin-Lad on the bus in Sporaticus, and he follows Larry Brite to his art studio and spies on him as he works on the finishing touches of the Gargoyle. I did not know he followed me__until now. “I am in awe of this sculptor,” says Prince Nehemiah. “But I don’t have a clue how to converse with him whenever I see him on the bus.”


Call it shyness. Call it what you will. Prince Nehemiah admires me from afar, but believes he will never really have the time to associate with me, because he is spending most of his time fighitng and surviving on the streets. He is the leader of a Can and Tray Warrior gang trying to figure out a way to get out of Sporaticus and to Ascencia. Not too long after, he is King Cory Crab working for Mr. Incognito, and I turn out to be Larry Brite. Wow! Everybody has got more than one name. Everybody is shattering paradigms and believes he is living in a House of Mirrors.



The Natural Order of Things In the Boat-House Studio-[2]


Around the conference room table, every one feels the tension between Rad and Rema.BBP6

“Where’d ya get that un-smoked cigarette?,” says Rad to Rema. 


“In a crease in the sidewalk,” says Rema. 


“What kind is it?”


“Basic Menthol.”


“I’m tired of these hand-me-down cigarettes!,” says Rad, pouring them over the conference table. 

“I get the un-smoked one this time!,” says Rema.


“I’m the one who smoked the 4-puffers last time!,” says Rad.  “Light up that un-smoked for me.”


NO!,”  shouts Rema. BBP5


“They’re gonna have a fight-dance over a cigarette,” says Cyrissa smirking.


“Yet,” continues Cyrissa, “I’ve never seen Rad’s legs so thick and muscular.  I’d be willing to fight-dance with him.”


“Not before I do,” I tell her.


“I’m already working on that vision,” says Prince Nehemiah.  


“And I am going to be the first,” I tell the Prince, “to fight-dance with you.”


“You’re the Boss!,” says Rema.


“No,” I whisper in Rema’s ear, “You are.”  Then, “Rad and Nehemiah are eying each other and we are not jealous.  We are flattered.”   


Remas pokes my ribs with an elbow.  “She’s not Cyrissa now.  She’s Honey Trapp.  I thought she left him for good.”


“I thought you wanted  to go work for that greedy son-of-a-bitch!,” says Rad to Honey Trapp. 


Who?,”says Honey Trapp.   AT12


“Why you hook up with him in the first place?,”  says Rad.




“I dunno.  Mr. Incognito.  I dunno.  I just feel,” says the Radical Pirate.  Who is he talking to?  Prince Nehemiah?


I, Gregory Gregarious-[3]

Picture 80The people I had worked for became wonderful references; and, soon, I had quite a following.  Everybody was bringing wood to split in truckloads to Camp Sporaticus.

I once had a dream where I was splitting logs into a pile, my body naked, shaven clean.  And the Positive Energy Zappers were laughing at me, because I was using my muscles, and not some machine.  I was not allowing the clutter of technology to invade me or to aid me.

So my smooth body had gotten lean.  But then, everybody started bringing more and more truckloads of logs to Camp Sporaticus, and I had to hire help from the city of Sporaticus.  Soon I had twenty or so wood-splitters working at my summer camp.  I would oversee the entire operation but they could not see me.  Before they would arrive for duty and well after they would leave for the day, I would get my own mauler, ax, and sledgehammer and finish off the stacks of logs my wood-splitters had worked on during the day.

When they would arrive each morning and find the rest of their logs had been split and placed in a pile, they would say, “Mr. Incognito was here!”  And when they would see me wearing a pair of shades walking the campground and checking them out, they would say, “Mr. Incognito is here!”

Soon the name would stick.  I then became Mr. Incognito.

I, Gregory Gregarious-[2]

j17Sporaticus was becoming more and more a theatrical concept than a city.  It involved fight-dancing and music, so I began listing all the ways I knew  how to attract dances, athletes, and musicians.  I walked into  dance schools, recreation centers, and gyms everyday before work for months to find my readers and dancers and athletes, even at the risk of being turned down or turned away.  I just did it.  I was hungry for a performance project.

I was writing scripts and placing them in the hands of every actor I needed.  I saw, then, them wearing the SupraStyle outfits that they are wearing now.  I was always directing, coaching and encouraging my performers .  I was backstage in the Green Room and I would watch my cast sitting or pacing, asking or demanding, as they prepared to take the stage.

I can still smell the make-up and greasepaints and hair-sprays and mascaras.  I can still smell the shaving creams and depilatories, the body oils and lotions.  I can still feel the thrill and excitement, the pride and joy, hearing the sounds of diverse voices with different pitches and ranges reciting the words I had lived with for months, even years. 

I was doing what I loved doing, even if it was for an hour or two a day.  I never abandoned my dreams, even when the naysayers were telling me they were pipe dreams.


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