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Monday Matinee, Special Edition-[I Am Looking For You]

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Monday Matinee-[Show__Don't Tell-[2]]

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Freedom From the Insanity of Freedom

I am repressing feelings.  The only way I know that I am is that I am suffering from heartburn, headaches, and stomach pains which have lingered for over two weeks now.  It is time to align myself with the generosity of the Universe__detaching, with a clean break, from wanting or expecting the freedom to create while the Universe has already granted me this freedom.  The aches and pains indicate I have not realized or appreciated what has been granted to me.

Okay, at times you are my favorite character study, even when your head is looking in a different direction than mine__even when there is this probability that we just cannot work together.  So what if you are not Kinky-Kool like me.  For me, it is time to increase the proteins, cut down on the carbs__to be my own Supra-Hero.

Meanwhile, thank you for leaving it on the ledge for me__for leaving it on the edge for me.  Thank you for pointing me in a different direction and helping me to detach, with a clean break, from the things and circumstances that do not work__detaching, with a clean break, from the insanity of creative freedom.

And even though you cannot be Kinky-Kool, you still think about me and say, “Isn’t it kinda cool how he just processed all that?”

“‘What in the world happened to that person, what unhappiness or insecurity or terrible wrong has this person suffered to make him do something like that’  It’s their karma.  Force yourself to  say that and the rage drains right out of you.” [Steve Wynn quoting Dalai Lama] [1]


[1] Anka, Paul with David Dalton.  My Way.  St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY, 2013, p. 292


Wednesday Matinee-[26FEB14]


And within that search, errors and mistakes are made__a sentence or phrase, when spoken, may not “sound” right.  So I search for the right sound__not by ear as much as what the phrase feels like.  My art must always remain true to my feelings.

This involves the non-stop process of shattering paradigms.  My twelfth-grade English Composition teacher disallowed “I feel” in our writing, disallowed writing about how the moon and stars on a cold winter night made me feel.  Shame on her.

I refuse to get caught up in the matrix, often mistaken for technological advancement.

“She studied the towering steel and glass building as they walked, and the way it caught the red gleam of the lowering sun.” [1]

You have to look for it before you can see it.  You have to expect to visually catch the beauty of subjects.  You have to feel the cold before you can turn on the heat.

I am cold enough!  I am turning on the heat now.  In order to detach two pieces of medal soldered together, you have to turn on the heat.  An artist shows both heat and cold.  Stoned or not stoned.  A writer shows both.

This detachment thing is going inside me, and I am not sure exactly why.  All I know is that I am feeling tha I am making my way__my way.

“People can’t get enough bullshit, not when it’s piling up on somebody else.” [2]


[1] Robb, J. D.  Delusion In Death.  G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, NY, 2012, p. 191

[2] Roberts, Nora.  Chesapeake Blue.  Jove Books, New York, NY, 2002, p. 310


Tuesday Matinee-[25FEB14]


I see the Supra-Hero Soul-Mates__the gals and bois__in my dreams.  I feel their arrivals right around each and every corner.  I knew they would always be there, and the evidence is in my collages and on my vision walls.

Gregory Gregarious Productions presents an independent radio station from the press box of the Coliseum in Ascencia.  And all of Ascencia is listening and hearing WBOI and the music of the 70′s and the words of Whitman, Sandburg, Pirsig, and Newell__just to name a few.

TC Newell, 57, dies and Gregory Gregarious takes his place.  Gregarious makes it very clear that Newell is always here__ever near.

And to those who are reading this book now and do not know what the hell you are reading, then put it down and come back in another year.  You have hit the brick wall.  Just as I have.  Many times.

“You can set up another broadcasting studio!,” says Vincent without hesitation.  “Right here in the cave.”

“I can’t wait to see this cave!,” says Marti.

“You two tried to climb this mountain before,” says Rajeem.

“And failed,” Larry laments.

Levi isn’t about to listen to any moaning from his hero.  “You didn’t fail,” he says.  “You’ve just run into a brick wall that reminds you that whatever you want, you really want it bad.” [1]


Newell, TC.  Beach Patrol, CreateSpace, 2013, p. 16



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