Itching To Get That Itch

And who is this august Adonis I shall meet just in time for the fight-dance competition at the Ascencia coliseum on the thirty-first?  With the double diamond roughness in his voice?  The sooner we meet again, the more time we have tp put it all together.  I know you are out there somewhere.  You are no longer a moon-beam__you are now moon-glow.  come and let me show__not tell__you how in the Green Room before every performance is where the magic begins to happen.


Watch us transform you from somebody who takes self-portraits to a Desk-Top Icon.  Gregory Gregarious here.  I have got your number.  Yes, it is time we__________________[fill in the blank].  It is time to mentally and verbally challenge each other, even though I am more than twice your age.

Boo!  I cannot help but flirt with you!  Boo!  My favorite Latin-Lad.  With one sentence at a time, I am flirting with you.  My potential Soul-Mate.  My FB-Lad.  My first impression of you is I want your legs!  And you do not like it because you see yourself more than just a leg model__so much more, good grief.  When I created this LegFetish, you created me.  Now I am ready__itching to get that itch.  Why not?  Let us go for broke.

Even Henrietta Heron says, Homoerotic art and why not?  I am ready for the evolution of letting your legs do all the talking for you.  I am ready to meet you out at the Night Club and help you transform from a magazine cover to a Desk-Top Icon.  It is time we _______________________[fill in the blank].

Long Endless Weekend-[2]

I am always believing that I am seeing you again, my twenty-four-year old Emo-Lad.  And when we meet again, we will become the Founding Fathers of the Grand Finale Generation.  I am ready for our three-year project because I realize that your magic number is 27.  Mine is 71.  Your crucial twenty-seventh year approaches just as you approach my front door.  And when that happens, I intend to moisten every hair on your legs with my tongue.pi15

I shall name you Ca-Zac!  And I look forward to hearing the sound of your voice reading aloud my words.  You shall proclaim:

I am Ca-Zac!  You sent for me.  I am coming from Sporaticus and from Ascencia.  When I reach 27, I will either be here with you in Ascencia or in Heaven.  Regardless, I am here to help you tell your story.  Your biography.  And at the same time, I am showing, not telling, my autobiography.

Long Endless Weekend

And now, here is the last one for Boo.  My audience of one.  He knows the vulnerable side of me, doing what I would expect all of my performers to do.  Was it not exhilarating, Boo, when you discovered how amazing you are?  You are the first one who caught on.  But enough of this b-s-ophy__let me write your biography.  You are the friendly competition that ended up friendly.  You caught on before I was long gone.  Do I dare to take my risks with you?  Indeed I did and do.  Do I not always live you?  Indeed I did and do.  And I pick up that roach upon your approach.

17AUG14:  [ten-fifty-one a. m.]13

In regard to my Facebook Reawakening and intelligent FB Flirtations, I am waiting for you to walk up to me and tell me it seems you have arrived!  You are now ready to dazzle and stimulate me__as if we are soul-mates.  You no longer mind my repeating and repeating and reiterating.  Now is the time for interpretive dance.  You have arrived also.

Now where are we going?  Back to the time when you let them love you and hate you @ the same time.  I am ready to let them crucify me as I search and find many, many possibilities for candle- stick performances.

When I called you the other day, your line was busy.  And that is good when it is busy because I know that you are home.  I am ready to take every punch you deliver.  Ready for your knee that skices and makes me groan!  I have returned to Facebook just in time.  Now I find my female fisti-girl who I shall name fire-fly.  Or Black Olive.  I have this thing for cooking with black olives lately.  Dare I stare at you wearing your mesh half-tee and thigh-high shorts?  Dare I stare at you from head-to-toe?  Hell yes!  I dare a lot!

I live to reconcile with my brother.  With you.  With Mother, even if it means that I have to go back in time to nineteen-eighty-seven.  7  is quite an important number to me now.  I have lived here in my house-boat for seven years.  That is longer than I have stayed anywhere in the same dwelling other than my parents’ house.  Dare I live here for seven years more?  Yeah.  I dare a lot!  I am always believing that I am seeing you again.  You are one of those get out of the house kids.

Indeed I Did And Do

09AUG14:  [two-oh-seven p. m.]Greg-Greg_2

David, you are the one who is talking about walking down the street wearing Speedos.  Or thigh-high denims. That is how you said it.  And you said you are emphasizing the size of your thighs__walking down the street with a mesh half-tee, white tube socks, black combat boots.  Well, go on__the world is at your command.  Is John Lennon singing about himself in Nowhere Man?   And is this my self-portrait as the Nowhere Man John Lennon is singing about?  At times I cannot help but wonder if all my energy and effort with creativity shall be appreciated by an audience of one.  One who sees the vulnerable side of me, as if I got caught running around in my underwear, playing the Special Guest Villain.

Did I dare to take risks?  Indeed I did and do.  To look foolish?  Indeed I did and do.  To be a self-chosen pariah?  Indeed I did and do become a pariah, yet not a self-chosen one.  Did I not do what I expected my performers to do?  Was I unafraid to be misunderstood?  To be ignored until long after I had passed on?  Indeed I did and do.  Did I not feel exhilarated when I discovered how amazing I am?  Indeed I did and do.  Did I not know I might have to wait until I am long gone before anybody caught on?

Did I not realize that “friendly” competition does not always end up friendly?  Am I not ready to be caught running naked across the stage, no longer focusing on my B-S-ophy because now I am focusing on my Autobiography?  Indeed I did and do.

I am journeying while journaling to the end of the notebook with my newly-founded friend__my pen.  Four or five years later when I ask you, “Are you my pen?”, he will answer, “Indeed I am and will be until the end.”

Nice Is Not Enough

03AUG14:  Nice is not enough.  That is why there is the “Nice but” syndrome out and about like an epidemic.  He is nice but he is a fuck-up.  He is nice but he does not earn his pay.  He is lazy.  He  talks too much.  He expects his pay even for doing nothing.  He is nice but he shirks all responsibility.  He is nice but he is a pot-head who makes all kinds of promises when he is high, unfulfilled promises when he comes down off that high.  Nice is not enough.

She is nice but she is a drama queen__a high maintenance drama queen who also offers lofty, yet unfulfilled promises.  She is nice but she is trouble.  Nice but she needs to be held at arm’s length, everything she says must be taken with a grain of salt, nobody knows whether she is for real or not.  Nice but I do not want her in my house-boat studio again.  Nice but she lives to be terminated from every job she holds.  Nice is not enough.

Since nice is not enough, I choose not to be nice.  I choose to run a tight ship.  I choose to reward those who do not fuck off, who earn their pay__who are not lazy__who do not talk too much__who do not expect to be paid for doing nothing.  Nice is not enough.

And since nice is not enough, I choose to pay and reward those who do not shirk  their responsibilities, to those to whom I feel close__who are trustworthy__to those who are real__to those who stay out of the shitty mess__to those to whom I can tell my stories.  Nice is not enough.  I choose to pay and reward those in my Master-Mind Group__those in my Readers Theater Troupe__those who realize the world is at their command.  I choose to pay and reward my Asian, Emo, Caucasian, Ebony, and Latino Lads and Gals__those who are not the Nowhere Men and Women__those who live and live it all__those who live to listen to my stories told.  My Adonis who chooses to be nice, yet moody and predictable, who I know shall be coming back__who knows that nice is not enough.

25JUL14: Reader’s Theater Script

Levi Versus Larry

Cyrissa: My brother, Levi, is Greg-Greg’s Lad of the House tonight. They’ll be doing two-minute punch drills. The Supra-Hero ends the fight-dance flexing and smiling as he watches the Villain falling. There has been all this talk about where the hell is Levi. While Levi’s been here all along while everybody’s been bustin’ their butts searching for him.

Larry: (Taking hold of Levi’s arm as the two stand squarely toe to toe.) You keep everybody smiling with that smile. You got smunch.

Cyrissa: Levi’s always smiling when he’s punching out a bad guy. My brother’s got the smunch.

Larry: What’s all this smiling about? It’s like you know something I don’t.

Levi: Not many kids get to meet their childhood hero.2Captured Videos

Larry: You flatter me.

Cyrissa: Nobody ever called Larry his hero before.

Levi: Why did you do it?

Larry: See. You do know something I don’t.

Levi: If I knew I wouldn’t be askin’.

Cyrissa: That gentle kindness in his voice convinces Larry that Levi isn’t playing head games with Larry.

Larry: Why did I do what?

Levi: All of it. PEZ. Formula M5. KokiNAXINol. Tearing up the streets of energy stone.

Cyrissa: In Sporaticus.

Levi: Destroying your beautiful sculpture.

Larry: I don’t know how to explain it all away. Belief systems. Paradigms. Maybe I need a mentor like you to help me shatter them.

Cyrissa: A beautiful idea! All this energy is more than just some middle-aged man obsessed with some smooth Ebony-Lad.

Levi: You’d better get in gear because I’m about to kick your rear.

Larry: I see where you’re going with this, but I don’t know where.

Levi: It’s time I fight you for the Kingdom. Only a few others have had their Supra-Heroic victories fighting you.

Cyrissa: We’re about to hear some punches and groans. Some punches and moans.

Levi: Is your pen beginning to feel like my ink brush?9

Larry: My pens are upstairs in the attic.

Levi: My paintbrushes are downstairs in the basement.

Cyrissa: Larrys finds out where Levi’s paintings are and gets caught trying to steal them. All of his intellectual property. Let the fight-dance begin.

September Classics-[5]

Jamal. FB flirt. [I am looking for you]. We shall use the Classic Still and post on his wall “I cannot believe you could be single!” And if he is, he could be my Prince. I have always had my eye on you. [Creativity Now! episode with Jamal]

The September Classics-[4]

Bobbie, The Book On Photo-Journalism on all networks. Too Lazy to Read  If you are not going to read me, then hear, watch, and listen to the sound of my writing.

September Classics-[3]

Owen, the Kid vid. on Camp Sporaticus and all networks. Camp Sporaticus can be held at the University of Diversity campus anytime of year, preferably the warmer months. Readers shall perform my writing while displaying the SupraStyle Fashion.

The September Classics

1Who else is willing to step up and become the Soul-Mate of my dreams and fantasies? Are you ready to electrify yourself? Are you ready to be sculpted totally smooth and naked? to the point where I can lick and moisten every ripple of your six-pack abs, every inch of your smooth inner thighs? Are you ready to skice me with your third fist? Are you ready to get down and dirty? and become one of my Lads? Even though I do not always tell you exactly where I am going, you shall always know where I am, whether I have hoofed it back to Sporaticus because I have forgotten what I had done with the Gargoyle sculpture? Are you ready to take this evolutionary journey with me?

This journey goes through the MagicLand of Picasa, a land of demonic dreams. Will you be ready when I pull your name out of a hat? Will you be ready for me to bless you long after I die in relative obscurity? The world rewards the artistic achievement with indifference, if not ridicule, . . .no amount of success can stave off sickness or death. Will you not realize that I was always more then willing to withstand ridicule? Will you discover that there was never a time, never a moment I did not realize that it was the artist’s fate always to be sacrificed to the spirit of the age?


I am inviting students from the University of Diversity to take my intellectual property and create magical performances and portrayals every day. Every day is Independence Day. The mechanism begins when you are willing to play for a living, to portray Tobias, Napoleon, and the Radical Pirate on Saturday morning field trips to the library. Phoenix and the Prince have their victorious Supra-Heroic day against Mr. Incognito and Night-Hawk.

The mechanism begins with two or three minute fight-dances/punch-drills that end with the Supra-Hero flexing as he watches the Villain falling. While we have been busting our butts searching for Levi Hamil, he has always been here, with his smile keeping us smiling.

One day, I will have wheels again, and I will have to widen my territory yet again. I will move again Are we going on that trip together, Ca-Zac? Are you the Emo-Lad that I am looking for? Are you going to know the world I choose to know? Are you not the kid with the painted-on cat whiskers whose face beams at me in front of the library? Just wait until I see you again! You know my eyes will dart straight for those legs of yours, wondering if in the fight-dance, you finish me off with your fists or your inner-thigh slaps? I always know you are out there somewhere.3

And who is this Adonis I shall meet just in time for the nineteenth of October? The Lad with the Double Diamond roughness in his voice? The sooner we reunite, the more time we have to put it all together. I know he is out there somewhere. He is no longer a moon-beam__he is now moon-glow. I invite him to let me show him__not tell him__how in the Green Room before every performance the magic begins to happen.

Watch us transform you from somebody who takes self-portraits into a Desk-Top Icon.

Gregory Gregarious here. I have got your number. Yes, it is time we have ________________[fill in the blank.] It is time to mentally and verbally challenge each other, even though I am more than twice your age I cannot help but flirt with you. With one sentence at a time, I am flirting with you__my potential Soul-Mate__my FB-Lad. My first impression of you is I want your legs! And you do not like it because you see yourself more than a leg model__so much more, good grief. 4

When I created this leg fetish, you created me. Now I am ready__itching to get that itch again. And why not? Let us go for broke.

Even Henrietta Heron writes in her column, homoerotic art and why not?

I am ready to meet you out at the Ascenica Night-Club and help you transform from a magazine cover to a Desk-Top Icon.


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