New Visions Vision Wall-[3]

The Lower-Left Quadrant: The Prince reminds me that it is this photo of Dustin that began this all for me. Since seeing this photo of Dustin dressed as Aqua-Lad, I have been thinking a lot about him. It is time for him to show off those legs. Have you ever? Is the unspoken question in the collage honoring the legs of Gene Anthony Ray. Oh yes! The Prince and Tobias are going to have it out and go toe-to-toe. Tobias is muscular and cocky. He dares to take Prince Nehemiah on wearing pink boxing gloves.

“Cute joke,” Nehemiah tells Tobias. And just before punching him, Nehemiah says, “But you can kiss my fist!”

Rad comes in the room wearing retro-red soccer gear. His legs are the biggest we have ever seen them! He has come a long way from Sporaticus!97417488_6

In the Lower-Right Quadrant, Nehemiah shows me how much he appreciates me shaving his legs. Rad tries on short basketball shorts. Rema got it just right. Red and white for Rad. Okay, so we are at the Mid-Term Turning Point. Emo-Lad gives Apolo his A.R.C. His admiration. His respect. His consultation.

Ellipsis? Or the period at the end of the paragraph? The beginning and ending paragraph?

The Ellipsis.

New Visions Vision Wall-[2]

Ca-Zac! is playing the Batman theme on his guitar while Tuffenuf’s bicep and fist skices me. He has got Boo again with some double ka-pow theme__again with me getting skiced. Ca-Zac! is taking a closer look at wearing short soccer shorts and calve-high tubes. The Prince has Dustin’s vanilla cream muscular legs, wearing Robin-like Daisy-Dukes and NY Jets calve-covers.

My Prince is always reminding me of our thinking and growing rich together. He takes a snap shot of me holding up Napoleon Hill’s book. The off-the-beaten path railroad tracks will always be our center-point.97417488_0

The Upper-Right Quadrant reveals Dustin as the most visually appealing Robin who can also be the most visually appealing Tuffenuf. The Prince is always teasing me with his own leg shots. There is Boo again with yet another double kapow!, and probably the best punch-pose for Boo! Nehemiah was sure he would include me, along with the House of Mirrors relationship between Rema, Cyrissa, and Night-Hawk. That lil’ fella, our marvelous costume designer, Rema, is going to play Levi Hamil, Cyrissa’s big brother. Where the hell is Levi anyway? Rema is going to fill in for him.

New Visions Vision Wall

The Prince’s New Visions Vision Wall project I find very helpful in my writing and in coming up with ideas__and he is only half-way done. He has got this Asian Wonder-Lad mounted on the wall twice. One vision, he is punching me in a fight-dance__looking just the way he should. Another vision, he has just the Lad’s fist captured__skicing me__with Ca-Zac! strumming the Batman theme. “Can I play with these two visions?,” I ask the Prince.97417488_1

“Sure. Show me what you can do.”

“No it is what they can do!” [They will show us what they can do.]

“Cool, I’m working on more visions for Ca-Zac! and me.”

Meanwhile, the Prince knows that ninety percent of the time I need to see his visions before I transform from a fighter into a writer. He has got twenty-four miraculous collages on his New Visions. I like to see his vision walls take place quadrant by quadrant. In his upper-left quadrant__that is where I am focused. Now, what does he have here? He knows I can never get enough of Boo punching me out in the white wrestling singlet we got him. Boo has earned my ultimate trophy__the tie around my neck. Boo can pose a punch-pose! He is showing off for us.

self-portrait: nowhere man


Each session is seven days and seven nights, so we are packing our bags and leaving camp on the morning of the eighth day.  Each evening during a session, each of the campers has a chance to demonstrate and illustrate his/her creative process.  This is the highlight of every day at camp.


Gregory Gregarious is the Camp Director and he is the first one to demonstrate his creative process, so he can illustrate to the other campers what he expects out of them.  When Gregarious needs time to plan and create a Thrilling Times issue, then Prince Nehemiah takes over as Camp Director.  The Prince, meanwhile, is occupied with his photo-journalist tasks.  Mario is the musical director while Rad and G-Ray head the Fight-Dance department.  Gregarious pays his staff well.


The staff and the campers form as Master-Mind Group that becomes a Readers Theater Troupe.  They co-create performances, lectures, and Cha-Talk-Wa[s]/  There is no specified number of videos that will be produced during each theater camp session.  There is no limit.  With the use of creative organized planning [C.O.P.], I am cutting the Master-Mind Group down to seven, the Supra-Seven, to take Readers Theater performances from the house-boat studio and the theater camp to the streets in order to perform street theater in Ascencia.  Gregory Gregarious’ scripts are intelligent advertising of my writing.

The Creative Process: New Visions

pi6Remember, Camp Sporaticus is all about the creative process.  And out of this blog, before the end of the year 2014, evolves the transmutation and the physical manifestation of our theater camp:  Camp Sporaticus.  When camp open, Supra-Heroes Rock!: a play in two actsis our first project.  I cooked up a scene for Rema and Justus back at the studio and had Cyrissa tell them it was required reading.  It is their dialogue for whatever fight-dance they can cook up together.

Off the cuff, at times I am not always clear on this Vision of Ascencia.  I know it is a fantasy place in my mind, but sometimes I have inner-conflicts of what it is and where it is.  I shamelessly want Ascencia  to be a LegFetish Universe, a place with fresh air and fresh water, fresh, new places and fresh, new faces.  It’s a place of and new characters evolving from old__from old places and old faces into new places and new faces.  Writer’s block is almost inevitable, along with frustrations and hyper-activity.pi13

This past Tuesday was a really interesting day.  I won’t call it good or bad.  I was in need of something to see, something to read because I didn’t want to write another word.  I managed to pick out White Frog off the library shelf, along with an old favorite, Les Miserables White Frog is actually what the doctor ordered for all the inner conflict I was having.  I got a good cry from it, and a good cry tends to clear the vision a bit.  I have been writing reams and reams of paper, like a film director shoots miles and miles of footage, and yet, no focus.  After my good cry, I have a little bit better focus.  Not only that, the ophthalmologist prescribed a different eye drop, which may have been part of the hyperactivity I’ve been experiencing.

In conclusion, Ascencia is fresh water, fresh air, fresh, new places and faces.  I am giving myself this entire year to write my new book because I’m going to need the full year.  If I get done earlier, bonus!  Camp Sporaticus will open before the end of the year and I am going to have at least one Master-Mind Group/Readers Theater troupe by year’s end.  Meanwhile the new visions continue.pi21

Looking For Someone Who’s Tuffenuf {part four}

2006“Let somebody else become Tuffenuf,” says Dustin.  “Surely one of those two out there on the deck can play Tuffenuf.  They’re already smooth.”

“Stop it!,” says Nehemiah to Dustin.  “We want you!  Stop being so resistant.  You wanna be a desktop icon, don’t you?”

“Yes I do!,” shouts everyone but Dustin.

“Then try being more assistant, not resistant,” says Nehemiah.

After those profound words, there is a profound silence.

Dustin folds his arms across his chest.  He slowly saunters over to me and tells me, “I have studied your work.  And even though a lot of it is unfathomable, I do see bits of genius.”  2005

“Then let’s get going!,” says Nehemiah.  “Its go-time!

“I’ll shave him,” says G-Ray.  “You can see I’m quick and sharp with the blade.”

“I don’t want to shave my legs,” says Dustin.  “But somebody else can shave them.”  He looks in my eyes.  “You do it.”  I oblige.  After ninety minutes, five razors, two cans of shaving cream, the job is complete.  G-Ray could have had it done in half the time, but I enjoyed it.

“How’s it feel?,” says G-Ray.


“I’ll get some olive oil from the fridge,” says G-Ray.  “Can I at least apply the oil to your legs?”

“I want Mr. Gregarious here to do it.”  

I oblige.  “Now how does it feel?”pi112

“Cool__smooth,” says Dustin.  “I got leg muscles I didn’t know I even had!”

Nehemiah puts his hand on Rema’s shoulder.  “Do ya have those white denim calve-covers done yet?”

“Yes,” says Rema.  “They will come up to here on him.  “He points to an inch or two below Dustin’s knee.  “That will emphasize the size of his thighs.”

G-Ray stares at Dustin’s legs and gets everybody else staring.  “Thighs of vanilla cream and muscles.”

“I got real short thigh-high white denim cut-offs for him,” says Rema.  “His chest is already naturally smooth.  He will look good with the open vest.”

“All right,” says Nehemiah, “dress him up, Rema!”

“I’ll transform this Asian Wonder-Lad into Tuffenuf!,” says Rema.

I smile and say, “A desktop icon.”pi 7

Looking For Someone Who’s Tuffenuff-[part 3]

2002[Look Dustin, I will provide the writing while you provide the photo-journalism.]

“Shave ‘em and shine ‘em up!,” shouts Nehemiah to the Lads with balls.

I turn to Tuffenuf and tell him to do his stuff.  I ask him what does he think and he says it is cool!  He says he thinks it is fly!

“Then let us take them to school!,” I say.


17MAY14 [five-fifty-five a. m.]

At twelve-oh-one every morning, I awake and I am make two thousand dollars cash with this YA Sci-Fi fantasy kick.

“Hey Dude!,” says Nehemiah in the Master-Mind meeting.  He is talking to Tuffenuff.  “You have some friendly compettion.  There area few Asian Wonder-Lads who stopped by this week.”

“Yeah,” says Tuffenuf.  “I saw ‘em!”

“I am a master of the shadows__highlights__fill lights__and sharpens, and I made those Lads look like Fight-Dancing Supra-Heroes.”

“Those two Asian Wonder-Lads who were lined up outside__down the block?” I ask.

“No,” says Nehemiah, “on the deck.”

“You mean the deck?,” says Dustin.  “Those two who shave their legs.”ss18


“You don’t say,” says Dustin.

“I would like you to shave your legs,” I tell Dustin.  “It will make you look sharp.”

“So I can have legs of vanilla cream and muscles?,” smiles Dustin.

“I want you to play Tuffenuf,” I say.


Looking For Someone Who’s Tuffenuf-[part two]

pi111“He’s got a photo of him in a Peter Pan outfit,” says Nehemiah.  “I think he should wear the Peter Pan costume without the green tights.”

“White denim,” says everybody at once, and Rema laughs.  “Okay, okay.  I am getting on with the white denim scene.”

“I like to wear those Daisy-Dukes,”  says Dustin.

Nehemiah smiles.  “Those legs of vanilla cream and muscles,” he says.  “You’re the most visually appealing Robin I’ve ever seen!”

“Here!  Here!,” yells everybody else.1473

Dustin gets up from his seat, walks over to me, and smiles.  “I wanna work with you.”

“Good!,” I say, “I was just about to ask you.”

“So you want me to be an Asian Wonder-Lad?,” says Dustin.

“I can see in your visions,” says Nehemiah, “that you are ready for the fight-dance!”

Tuffenuf stands, walks over to TC Newell and asks, “Do I get to be the due who takes out Tobias?”pi101

“One of them,” says TC.

“You could go toe-to-toe with him,” I say.

“I’ll go head-to toe with him,” says Tuffenuf.

Mr. Incognito  steps into the circle.  “I know Tobias loves to steal away everybody’s goals.”

“You were his best mentor,” says TC.  “He loves to steal away everybody’s goals like a hockey goalie.”2006

“I will be victorious!,” shouts Tobias.  “I wanna fight you with my pink boxing gloves.”

“I know you looked me over head-to-toe in Sporaticus,” says Tuffenuf.

“But it’s gonna be me, not anyone else who is the first Lad to take on Tobias,” says Nehemiah.  “We got a history and I’m gonna pay him back for a few things.”

“What things?,” says Tobias.

“Oh. . .,” says Nehemiah, “you’ll see.”pi109

Nehemiah is Gregory Gregarious’ Lad of the House,” says TC Newell, “and Tobias has broken into Greg-Greg’s houseboat to steal everybody’s intellectual property.”

“And I am having none of that,” says Nehemiah.  “I am doing the House of Mirrors Effect and bombarding Tobias with my fists!”

“A skinny lad,” says TC, “this Nehemiah, yet he has fists of lightning!”

Nehemiah walks over to Tobias and delivers his knock-out punch.

Looking For Someone Who’s Tuffenuf

Tuffenuf shows me the red spandex he is wearing.  “I want to get you in my show, ” I tell him,” so can you wear compression shorts that come up a lot higher up those thighs?”

‘No problem,” he smiles  When I see Tuffenuf smile, he makes me feel twenty-three again.  That is why I am really fixated about this fantasy about 1970s SupraStyle retro-gear.  2005

“How old were you when you felt your parents’ house was no longer your home?”  Out of the blue comes this Lad who is more interested in hearing what I have to say then what he has to say.  Finally!

“Oh in nineteen seventy-nine,” I tell him.  “That makes me twenty-three.”

“I was 14.”

I want you to read Tuffenuf, then I want you to become him. with your legs of vanilla cream and muscles.  Wear that Peter Pan outfit without the green tights.  Just put on those Daisy Dukes, Asian Wonder-Lad.  I can see from your photo spread that you are ready for the Fight-Dance against Tobias.  Everyone wants a piece of Tobias.pi107

“And I am no exception!,” proclaims Tuffenuf.  “I want a piece of Tobias!  I can go toe-to-toe with him”

“You could go head-to-toe with Tobias,” I tell him.  Tobias keeps stealing everybody’s goals, like a goalie keeping the puck out of the net.  He guarantees victory in the Fight-Dance competition by wearing pink boxing gloves.  When Tobias breaks into Gregory Gregarious Productions to steal intellectual property from my house-boat, Tuffenuf, my Lad of the House, will not have any of that.

“I am doing the House of Mirrors Effect on Tobias,” says Tuffenuf, “bombarding him with my fists until I deliver to him my KO punch!”pi105

Dustin walks into Gregory Gregarious Productions and shouts, “I want to work with you!.”  TC Newell is there and nudges me hard in the ribs.  So I tell Dustin that I want to work with him, too.

“Perfect!,” says TC Newell.  “I am about half-way into a thirty day writer’s block.”  TC is looking for someone to read and play Tuffenuf.

“So I will make a video.” I say.  Cyrissa smiles and cheers because I know that she can get tired of reading me and likes to watch me better

“I want to work with you,” I say to Dustin and walk over to him.Copy of dangerous_heights_by_dasutin26-d4s9sr8

Rema, my SupraStyle Fashion designer looks Dustin over from head to toe.  “White denim and pink,” he says.  “It is making a statement.”

“My goodness!,” says TC.  “You are all making statements for me.”

“We all want to do a Fight-Dance for you,” says Justus.

Mario, the Gypsy Minstrel, says, “With my music underneath the moon-glow, making all Supra-Heroes’ faces glow, their fight-dancing making their fists glow!”

“I’m working on collages and viable visions with Tuffenuf,” says Nehemiah, our photo-journalist.  “I really believe that Dustin should model for Tuffenuf.”

“And I want Dustin to be  Tuffenuf!,” I say.

“He’s got legs of vanilla cream and muscles!,” says Rema.  “The white denim material would look good on him.  The thigh-highs for sure.”pi112




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