People Are Walking Funny These Days

People Are Walking Funny These DaysThrilling Times_16

Have you ever had the privilege of walking to work?  When I drove to work in my last vehicle, with car payments, car insurance payments, and gas payments, I drove yearning  to drive to work because I wanted to not because I had to. And driving from this J-O-B, I realized that I had been asking my Creative Source to find a way to prevent me from driving to work because I never felt that I wanted to do it.  So, one night Massachusetts got hammered with snow: and as I was leaving the parking lot, a snow plow smashed into my car, totaling it.  I learned that I never wanted to drive to work.  Then when I took the train everyday from Worcester to Westboro, walked 20 minutes from the Westboro T Station to the Stop And Shop plaza on Route 9 to be picked up by a coworker, I began yearning and wanting the privilege to walk to work in Worcester.  On that 20 minute walk, for three months, I told my Creative Source, I’m walking to work in Worcester, I’m walking to work in Worcester.  To make a long story short, my Creative Source granted my wish:  I lost the J-O-B, experienced the trial and tribulation of  77 days, and by August 3, 2009, I was walking to work in Worcester!

And now that I have that privilege of walking to work in Worcester, I can’t help but notice that people are walking funny these days. While I am just short of counting every step and calculating every minute it takes to walk from home to work, I see people walking Main Street fixated on I pods, cell phones, and text messaging. They’re not even looking at the beautiful, billowing clouds in the sky or the bright sunshine reflecting on the windows of the modern and archaic buildings of downtown Worcester.  At work, when I take the elevator from the 7th to the ground floors, I am imposed upon by coworkers chatting on their cell phones yapping about things I do not care to hear.  Walking and talking and text messaging has taken over walking and looking.ebony lad 7

They have no idea what they’re missing.  Yet I have an attitude of gratitude when I can walk the streets, make eye contact with someone I don’t even know and say, Good Morning and get a Good Morning back.  Even a simple nod of the head is rewarding compared to passing someone by with his eyes looking down at some stupid technological contraption.  Technology is wonderful, yes, but not when it merely alienates us from each other and prevents us from looking at each other exchanging smiles and greetings.

thrilling times_qAnd in order to reinforce the point, let me tell you about one sunny Sunday afternoon several weeks ago.  It was too beautiful to read in my apartment, so I took my book and I walked, looking down and reading as I journeyed through my hood and read my book.  At one point that afternoon, as I was walking and reading, some older man, probably in his 70’s, walked toward me on a sidewalk and made a comment about me reading and walking.  I told him I was exercising the body and the mind at the same time.  Then he asked me what I was reading.  Out of this decision and choice, I sparked a conversation from a total stranger. Would anyone start a conversation with you as you walked down  the street fixated on your text messaging, or chatting on your cell phone, or engrossed with headphones on in your I pod?  Think about that one!  Then ask your local phone company to reinstall your old-fashioned lan line. Burn the superfluous and alienating technology.

More Ghosts!

thrilling times X18ARP15-[six-thirty-seven a. m.]

The ghosts out on the deck of my House-Boat have brought along some more characters, here to remind me of their existence.  Phoenix and Raymond brought along Justus.  Phoenix & Raymond are giggling their way over to Justus, a new energy that shatters paradigms with a powerful frequency.  The three of them could knock out anybody out on the deck. I watch Justus making sure he sees me watching him.  When he looks at me, he smiles.  Like Phoenix & Raymond, he has a beak-nose and is wearing his rock’em sock’em cow-boi garb.  Red and white flannel shirt and blue-denim cut-offs.  His black boots and white calve-high tube socks are scuffed up, rolled down and dirty.  He has just been in a barroom brawl with three foes.  When I watch Justus punch these guys I hear the crisp sound of his punches echoing in the crisp cool early morning air.  Each time his fist lands on a villain’s cheek, or jaw, or chin, we all hear that sound__that crisp skice.thrilling times__Y Not

Night-Hawk, Mario, and Mr. Incognito are his foes, so that means I am getting my clock cleaned as well as the other two.  Actually I get treated to all three characters–Phoenix, Raymond, and Justus fight-dancing.  Phoenix is in a black wrestling singlet and Raymond in white with a red stripe.  In his thigh-high blue denims, Justus shows off a meaty inner-thigh and I cannot keep my eyes off the other two’s knees.  All three of them have the most attractive knees and inner-thighs I have ever seen.

Guess what, Justus!  Zak the Emo-Lad is watching and enjoying Cyrissa’s gorgeous smooth muscular legs in her blue-denim thigh-high cut-offs.  Looks like you started a trend.  And when Zak looks into a mirror inside his House of Mirrors, he sees your legs.

My characters are from twenty years ago as I am writing twenty years ahead.  How quantum is that!  I see many colors in my head.  Colors and hues and glows and fades and shatters in my head.  I am earning a hundred and seventy-five a week to get this right.  And I am already earning a thousand dollars a day which is equivalent to five fistfuls of creative energy stone.  This is the pivotal month of April before the Manscaping Month of May.

Afridizziad: The Ebony Lad-[2]


Levi has the Wow Factor! in my eyes because we have exchanged our greatest gifts.  Our histories and our mysteries.  And not only that, he is showing me right now that he is starring in my Las Vegas-Sin City Fight-Dance & Readers Theater tour.  I am ready to hear the sound of his voice.  And now I am using his left inner-thigh for a pillow, as I need some shut-eye.  And maybe after I had awakened before he would always say I’ve got to go!  And now even when he does not feel like not hanging around, he hangs around.  Proving once again that Mates come & go and Soul-Mates stick around.  So stick around, Levi.COL14

I always see in all my characters this viable vision of them wearing these calve-high tube socks that emphasize the size of their thighs.  When Afidizziad emphasizes the size of his thighs, I emphasize the sounds of my sighs.  We are from the LegFetish Universe.  I always see this in all my characters.  Even the females.  Levi, your sister, Cyrissa and you are making quite a fantastic Fight-Dancing Duo!FF6

Levi Hamil is a vital, virtual, and viable Vision in these Thrilling Times to shatter paradigms.  He epitomized the Supra-Hero.  He is a key player in Gregory Gregarious Productions.  And now I am watching Levi, the Painter, paint.Thrilling Times_23

Levi is “The” Adonis__can even be Prince Nehemiah because both of them have the Wow! Factor, which means he is multifaceted.  He has up to five different faces.  A basic requirement of mine.  Having up to five different “looks” and “faces.”  He has the Wow! Factor because he understands the “sound” of the Batman fight theme.  And he is Fierce & Fearless!  His Viable Visions evoke my Viable Verses.  He has creative energy and does he dare?

Indeed I dare!  I have arrived!  I’m here!


Afridizziad: The Ebony Lad

COL7 I mentioned before that April, for me, is a pivotal month.  I can proclaim a new character I am writing about, Afridizziad. With a ” ZZ” for Zig-Zag.  He, like Levi Hamil, always takes sharp turns to one side and then to the other.  Meet Afridizziad, the Ebony Lad. He can go from high-brow to low-brow, from soft to hard, and he is one of my favorite character models.  He can be Rad or G-Ray in Sporaticus.   Levi Hamil not only reminds me of a character I am writing about.  I actually named a character in his honor.  He is my favorite Supra-Hero.  The Painter.  And alongside his brother and sister, Vincent and Cyrissa, they were wood-splitters in the Kingdom of the Rock in Beach Patrol.  ebony lad 6

With bright shiny legs aglow, Levi comes up with the one-punch knock-out as he stands in a shadow.  He does not need to hunt for gold because he is standing in the middle of a Gold Mine.  Levi!  You have already got it, Kid!  He has a captivating smile and he delivers a hypnotic gaze before he shows his villains his roundhouse rights and lefts.  And then with a captivating smile he puts a hurtin’ on them with his left and right upper-cuts with that thing he does with his lips.  With one more roundhouse left and one more right uppercut he has a captivating smile and punch combo I call his SMUNCH.  He does not even watch his foes crumbling in a pile behind him because he is too busy smunching for the camera.ebony lad five

He has an incredible physique:  a slim & trim upper body and huge thick inner-thighs that may appear to belong to somebody else.  His calve-high tube socks first caught my eye.  I figure him to be around twenty-five now and I am awaiting his arrival in Ascencia to audition for me at my House-Boat Studio.  It is quiet a surprise as I see him, even though I have been expecting him for quite some time now.  He is ready to intensify into his “WOW!” Factor now!  And I am in AWE.  With Levi Hamil.  Everybody in the House-Boat Studio are watching me looking at him.  Everybody in the House-Boat Studio knows how he likes to do his painting and fight-dancing moves in the cave on top of Mt. Sporaticus in the Kingdom of the Rock.  Inside the cave he no longer fears to enter.


Part Two: Rock’em Sock’em Cow-Boi

The Bobbie Trevi de Carillo Green RoomRESE4

In my dreams & fantasies class with you we created together KokiNAXINol; and with the help of Levi Hamil, we three set out to create Innathilkoknee  a safe, organic weed that enhances creative energy.  Quite frankly, you have the most beautiful inner-thighs I have ever seen!  That is why I used the Still-Vision of you in the black singlet with your lighted-up fist in the foreground.  How did you get those fists lit up, anyway?  I have quite a few inner-thigh slaps coming from you, I hope.

I love it when you don those kickazz boots, and I believe you do kick-azz, too.  I like how the hand-loop juts straight up in the back.  And  are you a brilliant photographer and model for youself!   You are the epitome of the mulifaceted, always looking different__a Lad with a thousand faces.  Whenever I see your Still-Visions, I see a hundred words to say.  And you remind me of several characters I am writing about.  Thank you, Boo.RESE7

“Gregory Gregarious is marking his own path, and he’s good copy now that he is working again with Bobbie Trevi de Carillo!”–Malcolm Strachan, Kingdom Rock Times

“No he isn’t!,”  –Henrietta Heron, Dirty Dishing

I see Henrietta Heron is doing her research for some good copy of her own.  In fact, I feel honored she is even reading me.  If she is going to slam my Bible, which happens to be my dictionary she has got to read it at least once or twice a month.thrilling times_t

Soul-Mates can be found at a monument or memorial.  My Soul-Mate can be a statue, a sculpture.  Remind me to tell you about the late Sunday evening before dusk I made out with Major Taylor outside the library when no one was around.  Now April is nearly half over.  I will wait for you as long as it takes.  Just remember, though, the  clock is ticking.thrillilng times_O

The ghosts out on the deck of my House-Boat have brought along some more characters here to remind me of their existence.  Phoenix and Raymond brought along Justus.  Phoenix & Raymond are giggling their way over to Justus, a new energy who shatters paradigms with a powerful frequency.  The three of them could knock out anybody out on this deck.  I watch Justus, making sure he sees me watching him.  When he looks at me, he smiles.  Like Phoenix & Raymond, he has a beak-nose and is wearing his Rock’em Sock’em Cow-Boi garb.  Red and white Flannel shirt and blue-denim cut-offs, black boots, white tubes and a cowboy hat.  His boots and white calve-high tube socks are scuffed up, rolled down and dirty.  He has just been in a bar-room brawl against three foes.  When I see Justus punch these guys out, I hear the crisp sound of his punches echoing in the crisp cool early morning air.  Each time his fist lands on the Villains’ cheek, or jaw, or chin we all hear those sounds__those crisp punches.srsn

Night-Hawk, Mario, and Mr. Incognito are his foes, so that means I am getting my clock cleaned as well as the other two.  I adore watching Justus, Phoenix & Raymond fight-dancing as Justus wears his cowboy garb.  Phoenix is in a black wrestling singlet, and Raymond is in a white singlet with red stripes down the sides.  And when Phoenix & Raymond are wearing their wrestling singlet, I cannot keep my eye off those knees.  They have got the most attractive knees and inner-thighs I have ever seen!  Guess what, Justus!  Zak, the Emo-Lad is watching and enjoying Cyrissa’s gorgeous smooth muscular legs in her blue-denim thigh-high cut-offs, yet when he looks into a mirror inside his House of Mirrors, he sees your legs.thrilling times__Y Not



Part One: Rock’em Sock’em Cowboi!

13APR15:  The Bobbie Trevi de Carillo Green RoomRESE8

When any performer enters the House-Boat Studio they walk back to the Green Room to change and see you staring at them right off the bat.  I listen for the sounds of voices and I have yet to hear yours, so consider reading for me out loud.  You are my Rock’em Sock’em Cowboi, my Captain Courageous donning those thigh-high blue denim cut-offs with the white tubes and kick-azz boots, with your flannel shirt and cowboy hat.  For some reason, I have a Vision of you wearing a white cowbody hat.379471_2055146873265_466933609_n

Over the past eight years, you are the Lad with a thousands faces who has reinvented yourself time and time again.  You stepped up to the plate, even after a little resistance, and brought it to the table full force, fierce, and fearless.  Just knowing you over the years has enhanced my writing.  I am not going to say I worship you and I humbly refer to you as Boo!  The worshipping part is still up in the air up for grabs.

When our performers come into the House-Boat Studio, they have to use the Green Room in the back, and this Green Room is named after you; and, together, we are creating a Universe where queer is cool! 

RESE6“Queer is cool?  Indeed!”–Henrietta Heron, Dirty-Dishing

“Yes, Hovering Heron, indeed!  Queer is cool!”–Malcolm Strachan, Kingdom Rock Times

The Note I Wrote


As a Supra-Hero Soul-Mate you are no longer just a piece of eye-candy because eye-candy comes a dime a bag.  We cannot see each other at the J-O-B where we both can lose each other or when we both seem to become irrelevant to one another.  Yet in the House-Boat Studio, we take what we know about each other and leave it all outside on the pave.  In awe they look at you as I do and they wonder as I do who is this Kid?  This Mr. Mythology?  Where  did he come from?  Who sent him?  From seven-second “looks” at the J-O-B, I hope to make you aware of those hovering blitches and Troll who go hovering and trolling you.  You do not care when they are there.  You teach me that when I turn my numbness on you, your only get me fixating on feeling good__grateful__and luckyc even when I force you to drink my Wall-Banger on the other side of the wall as I leave the J-O-B.  And you are ready to take these feelings out on the pave.

Meanwhile, while I am gone you feel my presence anyway.  And you , on the empty square on the chessboard while all around you are the pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, King, and Queen Z puling out the stops and moving all around, while you are sitting there on your neutral square.  And all the players on the chessboard are calling you crazy, crazy, crazy.  Posthumously, some subculture or cult following fully acknowledges me.  A hundred and fifty years from now when you are a mere skeleton in some grave you could not pay for.  And there, as I lie, someone out there recognizes me and puts me on the New York Times Best-Seller list and is reaping the benefits and taking care of his huge family.

They are responding fully to how good I looked at nineteen wearing those short thigh-high blue denim cut-offs with a flower-patch sewn on my crotch, like David’s fig-leaf, revealing flesh, muscle, and blood earned by so many hours of manual labor when visual comedy was the best exercise at the time as you lived through the rehearsal process. Sometimes even back in the Green Room.  When they discover me a hundred and fifty years into the future:  that is when I can transcend time and space to teach you to laugh and cry at the same time.  I can show this better than trying to explain it.

I can hear the sound of your voice saying my name and I proclaim yours to the world.  I cannot explain it you see, but I can show it as I listen to you whisper in my ear, Wow!  I see!

What Is This Camp Sporaticus?

PS88Camp Sporaticus is a virtual playground for the creative and for those with a passion to perform.  This blog is designed to invite “campers” into the creative process.  Camp Sporaticus is set up to journey and explore the exchange of creative ideas, as Sporaticus is a theatrical concept. Campers can be artists and models, as well as writers, poets, and actors.  Camp Sporaticus is a spin-off from Life Theater which journeys to bring diversified talent together.–Gregory Gregarious

As we are walking down streets of pure energy stone, attitude of gratitude, Ascencia is now home.  Used to be I would look up in Sporaticus and see the Gargoyle guarding the city at night and he spoke through me, which is one of the nicest things we can do for each other.  Here in Ascencia, Prince Nehemiah and I have the same kind of dynamic energy.  In Sporaticus, I sought out faces of Supra-Heroes.  Here in Ascencia I do not have to search for these faces because they have already found me.

Here in Ascencia are the cocky, smunching Supra-Heroes and Fisti-Girls and they all found me here. I did not have to go searching for them.  If I had still been in Sporatiucs I would have still been searching and I would have still been finding and I would have still been losing them all.  Supra-Heroes rock Ascencia and the University of Diversity and on the campus is our MagicLand called Camp Sporaticus__a theater camp where mentors and protégés get together in the creative energy flow and create Supra: Heroes, Stories, and Styles.  This could be referred to as a Creative Synergy Flow because Camp Sporaticus and the University of Diversity puts it all together.  This thing called Life Theater and Readers Theater and this thing called Fight-Dancing.

At the University of Diversity library you go along with your Soul-Mate and he does his work and you do yours on the computers on-line because up until now the two of you have been working off-line in your House-Boat studio.  Here at the library the two of you together emit your creative energy flow out there to the World  Wide Web.  It is like emitting that creative energy out to the Universe.  And Honey Trapp tells us Supra-Heroes rule the Universe.  Well they also rule the University of Diversity and Camp Sporaticus.  You rule the House-Boat studio and you rule when the House-Boat is afloat out on the Sea of Creativity.

Citizens of Ascencia gather in the streets to honor and celebrate their Supra-Heroes, dancers attired in SupraStyle Fashion emerge from the crowd to perform dance numbers set to rock’em sock’em music showing off fight moves and punches [choreography].  In Sporaticus, the crowd never gathered.

The Gals Keep Goin’-[3]

Marti Brite:SVS29

We’ll always be able to gaze in awe at the beauty of the landscape in Ascencia and the beauty of the skyline in Sporaticus.


I am gazing in awe at the landscape of the manscape in Ascencia and the beauty of the punch line in Sporaticus.

Henrietta Heron:

I’m gazing in awe at Gregory and Nehemiah__the beauty of Mentor and Protégé, they’re living each other and they’re living in Ascencia.

Honey Trapp:

Despite all the adversity in Sporaticus caused by Incognito, Tobias, and the Zappers.

Queen Z:

Despite all the adversity in Ascencia that I’ve caused.

Prince Nehemiah:

Man, where did we learn to fight-dance like this?

Gregory Gregarious:

We’ve always known how to fight like that.

“The” Adonis:

With the speed of my fists and the power of my punches.PS85


You just watch ’em fall.


Why you?  Why me?  Why us?


Because we see the bright light.

“The” Adonis:

Freaky, man!


Man, it is what it is.

Marti Brite:

We have the questions without answers.


There’s Marti Brite’s voice inside my head.

Henrietta Heron:

I hear her voice too and the voice of some guy pretending to be the Gargoyle.SVS27

Larry Brite:

Don’t worry about the dude with the shades and his fools__

Honey Trapp:

This Universe is run by Supra-Heroes rules.

The Gals Keep Goin’-[2]

Honey Trapp:

If you’re goiong to destroy my character it would be a fate worse than death.


Or worse!


When it comes to folks tryin’ to assassinate our characters Caz’N’Atom are ready for the challenge.  Are you Tobias?

“The” Adonis:

Are you, Mr. Incognito?  Up for the challenge?

Marti Brite:

You’ll be amazed with how far they’ve come.


And we know how far we have to go.  Don’t worry ’bout the man behind the shades and his fools__


Ascencia is run by Supra-Hero Rules!


You’re the Supra-Hero who raps and you’re the Supra-Hero who sing.  I’m the Fisti-Girl that dances like a bird without wings.

Queen Z:

Tobias the Tormentor is here with me in Ascencia, standing beside me ready to call out anyone on Beach Patrol.


Nothing personal.  I’m just not gonna be the one who gets hit first.  This weather is so unpredictable.PS84

“The” Adonis:

So I’m wearing these big black boots with my tube-socks rolled down to the tops of them, otherwise my calve muscles would bust right through them.


And like Caz he’s gonna kick some azz in those kick-azz boots.


Wearing my frayed blue-denim thigh-high cut-offs and my mesh half-tee.  On a gray day as this, your white tube socks are much whiter than they should be.

Gregory Gregarious:

Like Caz’N’Atom, “The” Adonis is used to Tobias and Incognito and he’s just playing Mr. Kool.

Honey Trapp:

Where will he end up anyway?

Mr. Incognito:

Nowhere.  Just beat up like he’s gonna get beat up now.

“The” Adonis:

After you punch me, Incognito, don’t turn your back to me and never turn your head away from a Supra-Hero.

Gregory Gregarious:

And we have a new Supra-Hero in town!SVS6



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