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I ask him to play his guitar but the song in his head cannot be expressed to his liking just yet and I see the Lad needs a guitar strap and when it comes to playing the guitar he is self-taught and he is giving me the food for which he has already given me the appetite.*

*[Dante to Virgil:  I wish I had made that up but it is quoted on page 468 in Penelope Niven’s biography of Thornton Wilder.]

I’m addicted to the hustle., I’m ahead of the game.  In twenty-thirteen they are hearing my name.  When they hear what I have to say they’ll never be the same.  I’m addicted to the hustle and ahead of the game.  This becomes the song in Mario’s head which he become able to express to his liking and you see how I develop a character on the 29th of June, 2013 when I meet Mario, the Gypsy Minstrel for the first time after seeing him on and off the passed three years around the Worcester area.

Goethe said that everyone has one decade in his life when he comes into his own.  With the 50’s I seem to have arrived.  I have found home base.  [Penelope Niven’s biography of Thornton Wilder, p. 49]  And the guy in the audience says oh that’s how you do it now.  It comes with age and having lived and suffered a while.  Not always suffering because there are many occasions of euphoria mixed in.  Life at this point is no longer good or bad.  I can write all this stuff because life is either good or hip. 

the hip folk just got home from the party and the good folk just got up –Bill Withers, “Harlem”

01MAR15: BlogFusion: What Is Life Theater?: The House of Mirrors Reflect


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Are you ready to dig all of this!  Prince Nehemiah provides us with fifty viable visions at three minutes and forty-three seconds which comes out to less than five minutes per image on the video project.  Mario is providing the sound of Elton John singing Nikita as I put the pen to paper.  Ya dig?  I am at the peak of my writing and it begins with putting the pen to paper.  For me, this is a physical exercise whether I put the pen to paper in this journal as I am doing now or onto a Mind-Storming Sheet.  I have the proof to back it up that I am kicking azz with my writing when you ask 202me how my writing going.  I have the proof to back it up.  The proof is right here before you in “black and white.”

You’re listening to G-G-L and I’m feeling good, grateful, and lucky broadcasting from the summit of Mt. Sporaticus.  I know you know where I’m at but you can’t burn me down this time Tobias.  So good luck climbing and trying to land a helicopter up here.  Prince Nehemiah is finding his niche in Ascencia building boat-houses while the hip folk live in house-boats.  And after stumbling into Malcolm Strachan and Levi Hamil he has a yearning to become a photo-journalist.  Since Malcolm has been taking his own photos while in the field reporting for his paper the Kingdom Rock Times he could use Nehemiah’s help now and has him taking an online correspondence course.  Courses on photo-journalism.  Only in Ascencia.  At the University of Diversity.

Somebody in the audience whispers to his date how does he come up with all this stuff!  and reminds me of something I read in a biography of Thornton Wilder by Penelope Niven:

There is a bridge between life and death called God.  That bridge is traversed by our love for those who die. . .as long as we remember them and love the they’re alive.  I did not make this up.  Those are the words of Thornton Wilder as told by an older Jimmy Olsen from the Superman tv episodes, Jack Larson who is friens with Monty Clift and is on a special feature sharing this on a DVD  of I Confess right from this library.  This is Thornton Wilder’s letter consoling Monty Clift who is saddened by the loss of a friend or something.

Wet Ink: 28FEB15: All-Star Jamal

Jamal, you are the new Supra-Hero in town and you are in this video.  By the way, that gadget you use to create Double Fantasy:  teach me something about it.  Tell me, does it take videos and if so how long can they be?  And could you possible do the same thing with this shot only this time have yourself facing yourself like in a house of mirrors.

316413_276352242396513_1691425755_n 218060_203891046309300_2798221_n

28FEB15: BlogFusion: What Is Life Theater?: More Wet Ink

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You are reading about Frank McCourt forcing his students to read Salinger’s Catcher In the Rye Frank, you told your students to read it but did you?  Obviously you did because you sound like Holden Caulfield.   You can toss We’re No Angels out the door if you are looking for a film with Aldo Ray.  Two thumbs down.  I like Aldo Ray getting blown out of his boots in Green Beret, very good film with the image that stays with me always:  Aldo Ray having been blown out of his boots in the film Green Beret.

You are wearing white calve-high tube socks rolled down to the top of black combat boots and your short, tight black compression shorts and you are getting to it because you are reminding me of a character I am writing about.  The Adonis.  On June Eighteen I am turning fifty-nine the same age Robert Shaw dies.  And by my fifty-ninth year I intend to have this book completed.  And it is coming out and there are those of you who collectively do not dig it.  I mean we just ain’t diggin’ it!  In a closet, though,  you read it and adore it.

The Adonis-14Yet only in a closet.

The Viable Collages and Visions you see are raw as it can be and are the infusions of already incredible photography.  I am providing entertainment for Generation Twenty-Five.  I first figure out which music first and then the writing and then the Viable Visions and then the writing again.  And then something begin to gnaw at you.  you have alwqasy beliefed the paradigm that a generation is twenty-five years so I look up generation in my Bible__my Dictionary and then Generation Twenty-Five transforms into Generation Thirty because my Bible says a generation is thrty years.  you though it was twenty-five well you have been wrong before.  Wake up, new Supra-Hero in Town.  Wake up!

Tuffenuf and Yin-Yang are the first male/female Fight-Dancing team and their images invoke your pen. [At the J-O-B you show a sign of respect by taking your break when I am back from lunch so we do not wind up playing more head games.  You are beginning to quit the games.  And after a fast-forward we are ready to take it outside to the streets.]

In all my writing how many generations did I come up with?  There is the New Age Generation and Generation G__G stands for gadgets.  You are bringing “the” Adonis to the sanctuary of your house-boast studio [while I am feeling like I am ten days ahead of myself.  This is a good thing.  I am ahead of schedule.]  And somebody in the audience in a loud whisper says Thank You.  Thank you for that performance TC.  No.  Thank you   now remember you could be talking to Gregory and this gets you wondering just how many definitions you have heard for The House of Mirrors Effect.

Reflect.  By the Ides of March Twenty-Fifteen I see five more book sales.  O Holy Night you are checking out five of my books and you know about them already.  Look around you over there on the 140right side on Anything Theater.  The Right Panel.

BlogFusion: What Is Life Theater?: Supra: Heroes, Stories, and Styles

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One on one you and me respect one another yet I am always aware that when you are with your group that honor between us disappears.  You are beginning to see everyone’s true colors and the formation of the NWC.  Now you tell me what NWC stands for.

If you are going to give me the cold shoulder, fine, but you better be ready to defend why by showing not telling.

When I first bought the Innathilkoknee from you you have it packaged so sweetly and discreetly even give me extra as a bonus for being your customer for the first time.  And so I encounter a new hero in town.  The second time it is wrapped in foil underneath a paper towel in a plastic cup.  “What happens to the package so sweetly and discreetly every time?  When I hear your friend standing around the water cooler at the house-boat studio with you and I hear him say, He’s queer! and you are not looking at me yet the shadow you are with gives you away when he turns around and looks right at me.

I know where the Inner Sanctum is and there is going to be multi-dimensional meaning to my new phrase New Hero In Town, even New Supra-Hero In Town.  I am being amused and I am just sittng back relaxing and watching this happening __me attacking the Inner Sanctum__the NWC.  I am waiting for you to tell me what NWC means.  Now buckle your seat belts because I am swerving onto another course and I am always on-course and zero off-course.137

[This is the stuff I do when I have writer’s block and you are pointing at yourself in a mirror and you are doing this now and you are experimenting with pronouns and tenses while donning the short-shorts, tubes, and boots.]

Henrietta Heron__her still-vision is in my Bible__my Dictionary underneath the word Blitch.  Her still-vision defines the word Blitch.  She reminds me of my trials as a Relay Operator.  Now here I am simply becoming a Journalist and am reporting to you what I am hearing as if it were happening right now.

BlogFusion: What Is Life Theater?: One Performer Takes On Two Different Characters and Different Verses

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The Adonis:135

I’m the epitome of positivity

Zappers step off with your toxic negativity

Ain’t my prob if you wannabe a wannabe

caught up in your egotistical monopoly

I gotta be free, just wannabe free

Don’t wannabe a wannabe , just wannabe me

Not wasting time and energy.  Don’t give  me no crap about your pseudo-masculinity

I’m more of a man than all y’all could ever be

And since The Adonis is a Supra-Hero Fight-Dancer there is a dazzling-colored patch of light on him as he enters from upstage center wearing SupraStyle dance-gear.  White wrestling singlet, white tube socks calve-high and black combat boots.   The audience focuses their attention on The Adonis as he fight-dances to a hot Latin salsa beat.  As he finishes up his fight-dance his theme music fades out and then there is silence.  The crowd begins to cheer and applaud him.  He wakes up as Phoenix this morning and now this evening sees his reflection in one of the mirrors hanging on the walls surrounding the dance floor.  And this is how he remembers his name as The Adonis.

The Adonis:

I remember the last time I knew myself as The Adonis, but when I see my reflection in the mirror I feel like I’m meeting myself for the first time.  I am no longer Phoenix, the one the landlord evicted and threw out onto the streets and I’m homeless Phoenix but I love my name Phoenix and I just might keep it.  I don’t have to tell anybody my real name.  The Adonis.  I like that name too.  And now that I remember my name I no longer feel trapped in pitch dark about my past history.  Big Deal!  The question is what am I doing now?  I remember this evening placing the logs to build a campfire on the Beach in Ascencia.  I’m not sure how old I am.  Maybe 23?  25?  Whatever.  I know I’ve gone through the most turbulent time already in my life.139

I remember Nehemiah now.  He’s the one with the other name, too.  King Cory Crab.  And Mr. Incognito turns out to be Larry Brite.  Wow!  Phoenix is still talking to The Adonis and Honey Trapp is now Queen Z.  Everybody’s changing their characters and names.  I think I’m living in a House of Mirrors.  My existence is beginning to have a House of Mirrors Effect.  I am even the writer, TC, living in a house of mirrors and the writer and the dance-fighter is the same guy wanting to hear my voice because he’s only heard the souid of his own.  He’s asking me to hear my voice.  How’s that for validation?  Or is it visualization?  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  You decide.

BlogFusion: What Is Life Theater?: Finding “the” Adonis

continued from Anything Theater


My final say to you before you contact me by email* to let me know how we can work around our busy schedules and get into Reading/Performing my writing  and your mystery and history you are ready to reveal through your eyes.

What are they saying on the West Coast?  Life Theater is about having this urban affection for the Lads behind the counters at the liquor shacks.  On Super Bowl Sunday he tells me his is from the west coast yet he is still rooting for the Patriots.  And today on Valentine’s Day I tell the kid from the Coast to check out my BLOG and maybe he can tell me what they are saying about my work on the West coast.   I need the response from somebody with a West Coast mentality.  When it comes to writing to my Worcester audience I seem to fall flat on my Facebook.  So now is the time for another point-of-view.  What are they saying about me on the West Coast?  In rainy Seattle where you see the bluest skies you’ve ever seen.  Or maybe not that far out west.  How about the audience in Sin City?  Down & Dirty Las Vegas.  What are they saying ’bout me in Vegas?  When we get the cast and crew on the West Coast together we take the show on the road down to sizzling Miami.  We stay out of New York City for now.  I have been there done it and the city leaves me cold.


So Liquor-Shack Lad I hope you are looking up my blog on the Internet at home or at the library and not on one of those tiny gadgets of yours.  You strike me as intelligent with a west-coast mentality and this is why I am giving you the link.  Things for me always begin with Anything Theater where you can find the path leading here to Camp Sporaticus.  You can take a gander at my books, even if it is using the Look Inside feature on Amazon.  Who else can replace Bobbie Trevi de Carillo as the model on my book-covers?  And I like the pitch and sound of your voice as you perform a cold reading for me, something I refer to as a Cold Jam.  You and your west coast mentaility are checking out TC to see what you can see about me.  You are finding out the history and mystery behind me and behind Gregory Gregarious, the book I am currently writing.  Knowing that you are taking the time to read me if you dare I know that a blunt ten miles long could never give me the high that does.  You shake my hand gregariously and I notice your forearms are smooth and you are impressed that I already know your name and already know that you are reminding me of a character I am writing about.  The Adonis.

You in fact can be several characters and besides you look like a Fight-Dancer to whom I am looking and not touching because you are beautiful as a Lad.  Next BlogFusion, I shall give you more Cold Jam material to perform/read.





Wet Ink and Right Off-The-Cuff: Still Vision of Jamal

jamalThis is about this Still-Vision of you.  I have been writing about Supra-Heroes and SupraStyle Fashion and Supra-Stories since 2010 just about the time I see this Still-Vision of you on MySpace and when I see you so smooth and in these V-Shapes you begin reminding me of the characters I am writing about.  You have that Supra-Hero look of not being afraid to explore the landscape of the manscape.  And there is a whole lay-out of you wearing this garb.  I live your hair-style and brownish-green eyes and your manicured moustache and trimmed underarm hair and smooth chest and legs and your face.

And this is when you get me into the faces of my characters and the faces are equally as important as the rest of their bodies because there is no disguise in their eyes.  And your eyes are worth a hundred words.  And you are looking better after five years.  It’s a joy to keep seeing you.  Your legs are just as hot and smooth as they have always been.  Your face is still the model for a sculptor’s bust.  And you got one of the best B-B-Bubble Butts in the world wide web.  You are about to don a lot of V-Shapes and thigh-high shorts and speedos and wife-beaters, half-cut tees and muscle shirts with hot compression shorts.  White calve-high tubes and black combat boots like Bobbie on the cover of my books and he is probably going on the book-cover for my next book unless you have something to say about it.

srsn                           shr

beach patrol






There is still a still-vision of Jamal on my Still-Vision Wall.  Keep feeding me and I keep writing characters which remind me of you.


BlogFusion: What Is Life Theater?: The Muggin’

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This quake in my voice comes to me from probably the same place my voice came to me as I am auditioning for Oklahoma. The other dude who threw my cigarette box with the roach on the pavement begins unzipping my book-bag. Apparently the quake in my voice means nothing to him. I wasn’t gonna fight for any money in my wallet had I had money but now this guy is reaching into my intellectual property and I am going to fight. He is bending over and I am wearing kick-azz steel-toed boots and I am kicking him in the side with the metal tip of my boot and I take him out. He is lying on the sidewalk at my feet.132

And now the other dude, tall, young, strong, wiry who had been sticking his hands in my pockets begins sticking me with jabs and upper-cuts with fists a fast as lightning. I lose as quickly as I had won. I awaken in th ER and I see my book-bag and ask an attendant to please hand it to me, where I see they did not get my journal, my weekly planner and Supra-Heroes Rock Sporaticus Now. Forget the money. Win or lose, I am ready to fight for my intellectual property.


I you have a hundred bucks in your wallet it is theirs but they cannot mess with your intellectual property.  Besides they are keeping you from getting home safely and a volcano erupts in your voice as you tell these two thugs who would have you in the hospital alone not one of them coming along with you.  What’s in here!  Nothing you need.  The Creative Source gives you yet another voice which freaks them both out.  There ain’t anything but shit in there let’s go.  He hears the passion in your voice and it scares him.  Now where the hell is your wallet that has your driver’s license in it and your pay card with zero so you go ahead and take it.  They don’t know you are four days from Pay Day.  It ‘s in the back of your pants. One of them slips it back in the back of your pants.  Normal mugging protocol?  This does not register with you so where’s my wallet!  You wanna fight?!  It’s in the back of your pants.  I slipped it back of your pants!


No you do not want to get in a fight so you walk homeward and the wallet slips out from the back of your blue denim cut-off shorts.  You pick the wallet off the ground and replace it in your back pocket just below where he put his fist in your kidney and you are walking home with the sharpest pain in your kidney where he touched you and you say thank you Creative Source for protecting you and making certain you do not wind up in the hospital because you would have fought and you would have gone to Fist City with both of them and winded up in the hospital by yourself.  They do not get your roach and they do not get your history and mystery and intellectual property.


18FEB15: BlogFusion: What Is Life Theater?

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Life Theater is what we’re goin’ through.  The power of purpose radiates from me and you.


Life Theater is repeating and reiterating the same theme until someone in the audience loudly whispers, “All right!  We get it!”  Some with a soft whisper responds, “Speak for yourself!  Go on. . . !”

Life Theater is recalling a memory and being convinced it is fact even without needing to research.  Like Frankie Valli co-hosting the Mike Douglas Show and telling us he started out as country singer who faked playing the bass cello.  Check me out to see if I am wrong.  Or Tony Bennett on the final Ed Sullivan Show singing I’ll Begin Again.  Check me to see if I am wrong.  These are in my memory banks and I believe it is factually accurate, without going back and researching it.

Frankie Valli displays his talent transforming his voice from natural to falsetto and back__using his vocal chords as a musical instrument.  The finest example of him doing this I can remember is Girl Come Running.  For me a candle-stick moment.  I have to bring my head-phones [yeeeeks!  a gadget!!] to the library with me so I can hear it for myself again for the first time__the finest example from Frankie’s natural nasal voice transitioning to his amazing crystal-clear falsetto and back again.


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