Rad&G-Ray: Cooking&Creating


The Radical Pirate [Rad] and G-Ray just popped up on me around a street corner and I stumbled on them but they’ll try to tell you they stumbled onto me. As each of them have aged, they have both felt that their work has evolved into art they never fathomed when they were younger. They have both evolved from youthful frivolity into vintage masterpieces and have both proved to be self-defining.  They also both define who they are and that they are perpetually evolving.  They are two Visions, two Images, who define the New Age Generation, and now the Generation of the New Ageless.HOM22

They are both studying at the University of Diversity and getting into Readers Theater, Life Theater, Supra-Heroes, Fight-Dancing, as well as the creative writing process.  They are learning the ART OF TRANSITiONAL THOUGHT and the HOUSE OF MIRRORS EFFECT.  Someone in the audience whispers, “What’s he talking about?”  His wife answers, “Let’s find out by checking it out!”  Things are marinating in my oven & at the library.  COOKING&CREATING go hand in hand.  I have something cooking on the stove and I have something cooking on the PC, which isn’t even hooked up with The Inner Circle:  The Internet.  So I can create with Rad and G-Ray for free.

They both remind me of Levi Hamil, who has lived his paintings after he had dreamed them.  I would always like to watch Levi as he stood back and looked at a painting, back and forth, from start to finish.  And each painting never turned out to be any different than the way he had envisioned the painting in his dreams.  And like Levi, Rad&G-Ray’s minds finally apprehend something of the true quality of spiritual beings inhabiting a human existence, the true beauty of sand and surf, beaches, and the Sea of Creativity, and the true beauty of mountains that exist only to be scaled and climbed, summits reached, caves entered fearlessly, and treasures which would have never been found if they had not entered.


Creativity Now!: Season Two, Episode 9

MAJAH27Gregory Gregarious here.  I’d like to let you know that TC Newell has given me permission to take over the creative reins for a bit now.  The torch has been passed and I aim to not only shock but to draw all kinds of attention.  It is eight-forty-five p. m. on 25NOV33 and I am working on the next Creativity Now! video for Newell’s Vlog on YouTube.  This is the ninth episode in Season Two and I am going through the preparation process that has taken about an hour.  Newell has given me the green light to plug Picasa on Google.  This is how all the visions in the video are created.  TC claims he can pack a punch in five minutes; and I am going to pack a punch with this video in less than four minutes!

I intend to make this Episode Nine racy__not even Newell can top this when it comes to being the most erotic and controversial video in Creativity Now!  I offer you the way Gregory Gregarious sees things and I am longing for your response. I promise you, this one is going to be hot__yet intelligent.  Hell, this could even be the finale for the second season.  There will be no digging into the archives after this one.  Controversial or not__racy or not__this one is going to get a lot of views.  Episode Nine is a tribute to the movie, Fame.  I have dreams of Gene Anthony Ray.  When I first saw him in Fame, in his dance audition, I could not keep my eyes off his legs.HOM45
Is this production about to reveal Gregory Gregarious’ sexuality?  In theory__not in practice.  I, Gregory Gregarious, use my creative energy flow__[CEF]__to replace my sexual energy.

Episode Nine is going to be hot!  Right__wrong__not__it is hot!  While it is quietly sitting on the Vlog:  Creativity Now!, and while Newell and Gregarious are waiting to see who stumbles and tumbles on it.  I promise this is going to be an intelligent hit. It happens in Ascencia in 2034.  The Society Of Sentient Beings dissolves and becomes the New Society For The Suppression Of Vice.  The January, 2034 and February, 2034 issues of Thrilling Times goes on the newsstands without a snag, without a hitch.  Now the March issue is coming along.  Rema steps up to the plate and brings his fashion designs to the table and Prince Nehemiah packs a series of seven-second visual-punches that are flashes of lights and thoughts.  Rema and Prince Nehemiah both operate with flashes of lights and thoughts,  showing everybody__not telling anybody__that their images are Desk-Top Iconic.  Rema walks into my studio__his skin glistening and all a-glow__and I know right there and then that there isn’t a single day he ever lets go.   He is the Lad he wants to be.  Everybody knows and talks about Rema, and it is our intent at Thrilling Times to show him off.HOM47



He arrives in Ascencia, a full-blooded ebony warrior, the Worcester Whirlwind with medium stature, heavily but cleanly built, whose physique is that of a lad who has judiciously trained till in sporting parlance he is all wire. [206]  On display, on stage, he’s a dusky cross between Hercules and Solomon.  He’s the Church-Boi with steely resolve.  He’s the Supra-Hero who raps, sings, and flies like a bird without wings.  Majah is physical wonder. [207]

When Prince Nehemiah stands with Majah in the House of Mirrors, the Prince sees his own reflection and sees the striking vitality to his torso, especially the legs. . .naked quadriceps and hamstrings in close-up, beaming and taut as a champion thoroughbred’s tapering to the knee, billowing like a gale-filled spinnaker at the calf. . .Majah has the form of a marquis, you can all see the silhouette of light and the harmonious strength in his body of bronze living in his supple body. [1]  And as I am looking at him, hoping he catches a glimpse of me watching, I discover fairly quick-like, he is the model for the sculpture standing in front of the Ascencia Coliseum.HOM36

And after the Fight-Dance Competition tonight he may not claim the Prize. . .but he’s already won.  To Majah it isn’t the prize that really matters, is it?  It’s the stuff he has inside. . .[2]

Rad&G-Ray and I are working on our Fight-Dance routine.  And Mario is back!  He leaves me a present where we met at the side of the DCU Center.  Oh yeah!  Mario and his music are back.  In our routine I portray the Special Guest Villain, Mr. Incognito.  Rad punches Mr. Incognito.  Incognito flies onto a metal medical table.  The Fight-Dance is set inside a scientific laboratory.  Incognito flies onto a metal medical table with wheels.  Rad pushes the table with Mr. Incognito on it, down the hall where Rad’s Protégé, G-Ray, awaits.  Incognito sits up on the rolling cart, knows what is about to happen to him.  “I’m gonna get skiced!  And for me it’s Lights Out!,” Incognito groans then utters a profound and loud, high-pitched voice, “OW!” after G-Ray’s roundhouse left.  G-Ray’s roundhouse left and G-Ray himself, are a one-punch knockout.  G-Ray has the honor being the first Supra-Hero to KO INCOGNITO!

Once you know G-Ray’s history, he is no longer a mystery to me. –Henrietta Heron, Dirty Dishing



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HOM32MAJAH&ME are kindred-spirits and we are both Dreamers.   I’m a wilder dreamer than he is, I’ll bet; yet, I make no pretense in greatness unless that quality lies in the developing of greatness in Majah.  [1]  He looks at my garb and my style and says, “You practice what you preach.”

“I’m an Inventor, a Creator, ” I respond.  “And so are you.  Keep doing what you wanna do.”  Creating, Fight-Dancing, Inventing, and Performing is manual labor we both live to do.  Every day.  And we can prove it.  We exchange the opportunities and come up with all kinds of possibilities.  For characters and circumstances.

“We are living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”–Bryce Woods

Majah is a phenomenon!  His Readings and Performances are described already in journals, Blogs, and magazines.  Kingdom Rock Times describes him as “one of the best Supra-Heroes of them all, who dons the best SupraStyle Fashion with a passion, even in wintry conditions, extraordinary conditions [2] because Majah is an extraordinary Supra-Hero.”–Malcolm Strachan, Kingdom Rock Times.  With each quiver of Majah’s muscles, he is genetic perfection, a freakish preponderance of fast-twitch muscle fibers , which favors explosive efforts of physiological profiles of weight-lifters, sprinters and high-flying basketball dunkers. [3]  “I am not interested in the present [4], but I’m deeply concerned with Retro&Future.”

Two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings, two warring ideals in one dark body. [5]  That’s Majah&Me!


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In his reflections in the House of Mirrors, Majah sees himself as more than one character wearing boxing and retro-basketball gear.  Then Spandex again.  Then back to Carl Lewis track-shorts and retro-soccer gear.  His athleticism, his physique is astounding to behold!  He executes the swing of his fists and just watches ’em fall!  I am standing with Majah looking into the mirrors with him and I am his manager.  His coach.  Gotta take care of the new Supra-Hero in town.  I tell Majah to call me his mentor.  Call me Birdie Munger.  Naw, just Birdie.  Perhaps I am foolishly naïve and don’t understand the harsh, racially tinted lens through which all of Sporaticus seems to be staring.  And I do not.  I’m in a much different world, a world I choose to know.  Ascencia.  And Majah has arrived! [1]

When I watch you in action, doing your Fight-Dance, all the faculties of your physical being becomes exalted.  You are here discovering new conditions which provide the sensation of pleasure.  One punch from you and you make a talkative person taciturn.  Another punch delivered to the same fella and you make him talkative again. [2]  Here on the deck of the House-Boat Studio, you provide me my fix of Nostalgia.  I have a Soul-Mate and I nickname him Nostalgia.

Majah elegantly explains how he is compelled to the Fight-Dance.  He creates punches and kicks while he feels the grace of his Creative Source with each upper-cut and Chisel-Punch, another invention of mine.  Majah is a Church-Boi.  I always seem to attract them.  His church is his holy place while my Theater is my Chapel.  Either way, our Creatives Sources are smiling on us.  He calls his Creative Source God when he should call himself God.  We are all God.  Majah has arrived in Ascencia with the feeling his performance on the Fight-Dance stage is something true and beautiful and honest in a world he chooses to know.  He denounces the world which defines it otherwise. [3]


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MAJAH&ME are kindred-spirits.  Majah is the Supra-Hero I’m looking for.  He could even play the Special Guest Villain.  His face is always lit up by his smile while he delivers his punch.  When he skices me, Majah’s got his SMUNCH.  The Majah Smunch.  He skices me and I fall back and G-Ray knocks me back and my head lands on Levi’s Thigh-Pillow. HOM8

I know exactly what I want, Universe, and I know you love speed and so do I, so bring them all to the House-Boat Studio quickly.  Expeditiously.  We are in the Age of Supra-Heroes.  And I really dig the Majah.  If I didn’t mention it before, let me show you.

Majah knows I am spotting him when I quickly change the direction of my stride so I can pass him by on the pave.  He knows I am checking him out.  And he likes that.  I’m ready to get into the Fight-Dance with him!  Majah is a Trickster on a Bicycle.  Has been since he was young.  So he performs the Fight-Dance on his bicycle.

Me, admiring you__all of you

Me, studying your every move

The twitches of your mighty muscles

Didn’t I see you on a skate-board earlier tonight?

Your legs so smooveVideo 24_0015

Spandex well enough above your knees

First time I ever saw a skate-boarder wearing any kind of shorts on a skateboard

You are about to start a craze!

In the Fight-Dance on his bike, he gives one a good hit and now he’s gonna ride with it.  Majah has fantastic legs and he’s making a fantastic Afridizziad!  After he skices me, he smiles and shouts as he pumps his fists, “Let’s Git’ Wit’ It!”

I always knew there was something about you.  That there are those who are jealous of your genius.  You Coach, Perform, and Consult @ the same time.  I really dig you, Worcester Whirlwind.  If I failed to mention that before, let me show you.


Ascencia Travelogue-[Part Seven]

AT27Next some teen is leaning over and loudly whispering in his Mother’s ear, Can we go see Granny now?  And Mother says, You are watching Granny!

only in Ascencia

Only in the Gregory Gregarious House-Boat Studio. . .waterliving1

The key words today are Multidimensional and Multifaceted.  These qualities must be acquired by all of my performers.  That way, they will be right, bright, and beautiful.
“I’m doing something right,” says Rad.  “Even when everybody’s ignoring me.”
“Laughing at you,” says Rema.  I want to thank all of my classmates in high-school who actually laughed at me when I was trying to be funny.  This day and age, everybody laughs at you when you are not trying to be funny.
“Fighting you,” says Tuffenuf.
Cyrissa stand and does a punch-pose for us.  “When I fight, I win because I never stop fighting.”  She shows us another punch-pose that emphasizes the beauty of her thighs.  Everyone she faces in a Fight-Dance gets tired when they fight her.  When they get tired fighting her, she keeps fighting.  When she gets tired, she keeps fighting.  This is why she wins laughing as she watches them quit long before she does.
Fisti-Girl can pack a punch in less than a second.  She skices right through the belief systems and old paradigms which could have prevented the Fisti-Girl Movement from ever getting underway.
Cyrissa Hamil lives on the belief about giving before getting.  She no longer needs to seek or search for a community.   She teaches part-time at the University of Diversity.  She has a brilliant mind.  She teaches every other Fisti-Girl to use their tools wisely. “This young Generation G is so fixated on gadgets,” says Cyrissa.  “This is Generation Gadget.  I’m teaching them to throw away all the gizmos and look for the Art.”
Rad catches Levi staring at Rema, and accepts it with class.  After all, everybody takes and compares notes and observes everybody else.  Rad realizes that this is the natural order of things.  Besides, he is too busy keeping an eye on Cyrissa Hamil.

Part 6: Ascencia Travelogue

When standing in the House of Reflections, you are looking into the mirrors and seeing every character
I write about. And I, like you, am never lonely or alone. Not when I am standing in the House of


Are you getting your gradual absorption of my ideas?  Through osmosis?  Will you help me roll that huge boulder up that hill in Hell, Sisyphus?  “. . .The majority of men never learn that the urge of sex has other possibilities. . . .after having wasted many years at a period when the sex energy is at its height, prior to the age of forty-five to fifty!  This usually is followed by noteworthy achievement.*   And in spite of your Hovering Herons swooping in, you are auditioning for me and I am grateful.  You are ready to shatter paradigms in these thrilling times, yet my expectations stay on that fine line between warm & low.  Your hovering heron serves as no ally ‘tween you and me and she tries to capture you and take you away from me.

Some of you are thinking, He’s off his rocker! As you are watching yourself perform this you are sitting out in the audience as well, and you hear somebody whisper to his wife, Isn’t there something better we could be doing? And she says, I wanted to spend time with you not money.

With plenty of magnetism between us, like two fists giving one another skin resisting the other, then assisting the other in the end.

In Ascencia, we are in search of another play.  Another poem or another theatrical representation of rap; and in order to attract those characters you seek, you must become one or many of them.  You are the seer who is seeing and is seen.


*Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich


Ascencia Travelogue–[5]

At the end of this evening, you shall find out who grabs my Trophy Tie.
AT25You are shattering my paradigms and now I am believing that you guys&gals could actually make me
stop smoking.

AT23When it comes to being a failure, the only thing I failed at was to stop smoking. Oh, I stopped. But
then I started again. I went a whole year without a cigarette and celebrated that with a cigar! Smart,

I remember back in the day when I dreamed to play the Special Guest Villain on Batman!  This is a constant fantasy of mine.  A dream.  And I am young enough to keep envisioning myself playing this role now.  It’s not like I’m ready to strap on some goalie pads and a mask and a protective cup and play goal-tender again.  That was back in the Pond League.  During high-school days when I felt the physical, manual labor of being a goalie.  First semester ever back from college, I am calling my hockey buddy to play hockey.  Well if ya wanna get together to go to a game. . .is his reply.  I love going to Pittsburgh Penguins games.  Hell NO!  I wanna play!  That’s all I gotta say.  I wanna play!

Video 7-007

Henrietta Heron squawks out in her column, “What are you, Gregarious!  A creativity-machine?  A robot!  You know you like mechanical and technical more than you may think, Greg-Greg.”–Henrietta Heron, Dirty-Dishing  What a sweet critique!  Henrietta delivers a back-handed slap.  She’s good at that.  The Hovering Heron always gets her praise.

Ascencia Travelogue-[4]

Supra-Heroes, Fight-Dancers, Performers, Readers, and Artists. . .
You are arriving in Ascencia!  Ascencia, to you, is what Broadway is to actors and actresses.

You are the Wonder-Lad that I have always wanted you to be.  This is my final tribute to you__I hope you are coming back.  Meanwhile, I await your arrival in my studio__your skin glistening.  The Vision Walls give me flashes of thoughts about you.  I see that you can pack a punch in a second.  I like Green Apples more than I like Mangoes.  When and where are the Lads in Miami Dolphin colors?  When and where are all my Miami Lads?  When and where are the lads who never let themselves go?  When and where are the Lads who are into shattering__shattering__and fading all the paradigms?AT19

Colors of bright neon.  Retro-Soccer Shorts.  As you are walking along the beaches of Ascencia tonight you are seeing hundreds of campfires lit.  Everybody is on Beach Patrol and rehearsing and performing around the glow of the fires.

When and where are the Lads who do not have to ask what gregarious means?  When and where are the Lads who are fascinated with just one word__one multimedia event?  When and where are the models__Lads and Gals__who understand that recognition is the greatest motivator?  Who digs my Dictionary__my Bible?  Whose mantra is whatever one works for the time.AT22

You are meeting me, Gregory Gregarious, who is always in on the act.  I am ready to perform as the Supra-Hero and the Special Guest Villain at the drop of a hat.  Notice that word and.  That’s what all you Readers, Performers, Fight-Dancing Supra-Heroes, and Artists are doing right now!  Performing as the Supra-Hero and Special Guest Villain simultaneously.  Here’s another definition for my House of Mirrors Effect.Video 7-051


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